Total Fitness and Wellness, Brief Edition, 6th edition

Published by Pearson (September 15, 2020) © 2020

  • Scott K. Powers University of Florida
  • Stephen L. Dodd University of Florida

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ISBN-13: 9780135627259
Total Fitness and Wellness, Brief Edition
Published 2020

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ISBN-13: 9780135258293
Total Fitness and Wellness, Brief Edition
Published 2019


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Mastering Health with Pearson eText for Total Fitness and Wellness
Published 2019

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Total Fitness and Wellness, Brief Edition (Chs 1-11 of the full text) provides a solid foundation in fitness and wellness with tools for making healthy behavioral changes and lifestyle choices. The easy-to-use text provides a clear learning path through practical fitness information that you can incorporate into your own life.

The 6th Edition presents current research and topics of interest such as eating disorders, stress-management strategies, barefoot running, Pilates, diabetes and pre-diabetes, ergogenic dietary supplements, at-home fitness equipment, antioxidants and emotional health. The text includes access to MyDietAnalysis, a diet and activity tracking tool that gives you an easy way to analyze your physical activity and daily nutrient intake.

The Brief Version of Powers/Dodd, Total Fitness & Wellness, Brief, 6th Edition features Chapters 1-11 from the full version of Total Fitness & Wellness, 8th Edition:

  1. Understanding Fitness and Wellness
  2. General Principles of Exercise for Health and Fitness
  3. Cardiorespiratory Endurance: Assessment and Prescription
  4. Improving Muscular Strength and Endurance
  5. Improving Flexibility
  6. Body Composition
  7. Creating Your Total Fitness and Wellness Plan
  8. Nutrition for Health and Fitness
  9. Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight
  10. Preventing Cardiovascular Disease
  11. Stress Management

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