10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Office XP, 1st edition

  • Joe Habraken

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Because most people don't have the luxury of sitting down uninterrupted for hours at a time to learn Office XP, this 10-Minute Guide focuses on the most often used features, covering them in lessons designed to take 10 minutes or less to complete. In addition, this guide teaches the user how to use Visio without relying on technical jargon, by providing straightforward, easy-to-follow explanations and lists of numbered steps that tell the user which keys to press and which options to select.

Table of contents


Lesson 1. What's New in Office XP.

Introducing Microsoft Office XP. Introducing Voice Dictation and Voice Commands. Smart Tags Provide Quick Options. Introducing the Office Task Panes. Using Document Recovery. Understanding Product Activation.

Lesson 2. Using Common Office Features.

Starting Office Applications. Using the Menu System. Using Shortcut Menus. Working with Toolbars. Understanding Dialog Boxes. Understanding the Task Pane. Setting Application Options.

Lesson 3. Getting Help in Microsoft Office.

Help: What's Available? Using the Ask a Question Box. Using the Office Assistant. Using the Help Window. Getting Help with Screen Elements.

Lesson 4. Creating Mail.

Understanding Microsoft Outlook. Composing a Message. Formatting Text. Selecting the E-mail Message Format. Add a Signature. Sending Mail.

Lesson 5. Working with Received Mail.

Reading Mail. Saving an Attachment. Answering Mail. Printing Mail. Deleting Mail. Forwarding Mail. Creating Folders.

Lesson 6. Creating a Contacts List.

Creating a New Contact. Viewing the Contacts List. Communicating with a Contact. Viewing a Map of a Contact's Address.

Lesson 7. Using the Calendar.

Navigating the Calendar. Creating an Appointment. Scheduling a Recurring Appointment. Planning Events.

Lesson 8. Working with Word Documents.

Starting a New Document. Entering Text. Using Document Templates. Using Word Wizards. Saving a Document. Closing a Document. Opening a Document.

Lesson 9. Editing Documents.

Adding or Replacing Text and Moving in the Document. Selecting Text. Deleting, Copying, and Moving Text. Copying and Moving Text Between Documents.

Lesson 10. Changing How Text Looks.

Understanding Fonts. Changing Font Attributes. Working in the Font Dialog Box. Aligning Text. Aligning Text with Click and Type.

Lesson 11. Working with Styles.

Understanding Styles. Creating Text Styles. Creating Paragraph Styles. Editing Styles. Using the Style Organizer.

Lesson 12. Entering Data into an Excel Worksheet.

Understanding Excel Data Types. Entering Text. Entering Numbers. Entering Dates and Times. Copying (Filling) the Same Data to Other Cells. Entering a Series of Numbers, Dates, and Other Data. Taking Advantage of AutoComplete.

Lesson 13. Performing Simple Calculations in Excel.

Understanding Excel Formulas. Order of Operations. Entering Formulas. Using the Status Bar AutoCalculate Feature. Editing Formulas.

Lesson 14. Performing Calculations with Functions.

What Are Functions? Using the Insert Function Feature.

Lesson 15. Creating Charts.

Understanding Charting Terminology. Working with Different Chart Types. Creating and Saving a Chart. Moving and Resizing a Chart. Printing a Chart.

Lesson 16. Creating a New Database.

Choosing How to Create Your Database. Selecting a Database File Type. Creating a Blank Database. Closing a Database. Creating a Database from a Template. Opening a Database.

Lesson 17. Creating an Access Table.

Tables Are Essential. Working with the Table Wizard. Creating Tables Without the Wizard. Creating a Table in Table Design View. Setting the Primary Key. Understanding Data Types and Formats.

Lesson 18. Creating a Simple Access Form.

Creating Forms. Creating a Form with AutoForm. Creating a Form with the Form Wizard. Entering Data into a Form.

Lesson 19. Creating a Simple Query.

Understanding Queries. Using Other Query Wizards. Understanding Access Query Types.

Lesson 20. Creating a New PowerPoint Presentation.

Getting the Most Out of PowerPoint 2002. Three Choices for Starting a New Presentation. Saving a Presentation. Closing a Presentation. Opening a Presentation.

Lesson 21. Completing Your PowerPoint Presentation.

Inserting a New Slide. Deleting Slides. Viewing an Onscreen Slide Show. Setting Slide Animation Schemes. Setting Up a Self-Running Show.

Lesson 22. Creating a FrontPage Web Site.

Using the Web Site Wizards. Creating a New Web. Understanding the Web Views.

Lesson 23. Working with Web Pages and Themes.

Creating a New Web Page. Inserting a New Page into the Web. Deleting a Page from the Web. Importing Files from Other Applications. Using the FrontPage Themes.

Lesson 24. Completing and Publishing Your Web Site.

Using Tasks to Complete a Web. Inserting Pictures. Inserting Clip Art. Publishing Your Web.


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