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40 Techniques Every Counselor Should Know, 2nd edition

  • Bradley T. Erford

Published by Pearson (December 24th 2019) - Copyright © 2015

2nd edition

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40 Techniques Every Counselor Should Know (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780133596953

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Table of contents

Brief Table of Contents

Section 1  Techniques Based on Solution-Focused Brief Counseling Approaches

Chapter 1: Scaling

Chapter 2: Exceptions
Chapter 3: Problem-Free Talk
Chapter 4: Miracle Question
Chapter 5: Flagging the Minefield

Section 2  Techniques Based Upon Adlerian or Psychodynamic Approaches

Chapter 6: I-Messages

Chapter 7: Acting As If
Chapter 8: Spitting in the Soup

Chapter 9: The Mutual Storytelling

Chapter 10: Paradoxical Intention

Section 3  Techniques Based on Gestalt and Psychodrama Principles

Chapter 11: Empty Chair

Chapter 12: Body Movement and Exaggeration  Chapter 13: Role Reversal  


Section 4  Techniques Based on Mindfulness Approaches 

Chapter 14: Visual/Guided Imagery  

Chapter 15: Deep Breathing  

Chapter 16: Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training (PMRT)  


Section 5  Techniques Based on Humanistic-Phenomenological Approaches

Chapter 17: Self-Disclosure  

Chapter 18: Challenging/Confrontation  

Chapter 19: Motivational Interviewing  

Chapter 20: Strength Bombardment  


Section 6  Techniques Based on Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches

Chapter 21: Self-Talk  

Chapter 22: Reframing  

Chapter 23: Thought Stopping  

Chapter 24: Cognitive Restructuring 

Chapter 25: Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT): The ABCDEF Model and Rational Emotive Imagery  

Chapter 26: Bibliotherapy  

Chapter 27: Journaling  

Chapter 28: Systematic Desensitization  

Chapter 29: Stress Inoculation Training  

Section 7  Techniques Based on Social Learning Approaches

Chapter 30: Modeling

Chapter 31: Behavioral Rehearsal
Chapter 32: Role Play

Section 8  Techniques Based on Behavioral Approaches Using Positive Reinforcement 

Chapter 33: Premack Principle

Chapter 34: Behavior Chart

Chapter 35: Token Economy

Chapter 36: Behavioral Contract

Section 9  Techniques Based on Behavioral Approaches Using Punishment 

Chapter 37: Extinction

Chapter 38: Time Out
Chapter 39: Response Cost

Chapter 40: Overcorrection

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