Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives, 6th edition

  • David J.A. Dozois

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Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives exemplifies its subtitle by cohesively presenting the numerous individual perspectives of its expert contributors. It presents the differing psychological perspectives by discussing various relevant paradigms with emphasis on the conceptual approaches and therapeutic interventions that have garnered the most empirical support in research literature. As a ground-up Canadian text, it features indigenous case studies, legal and ethical issues, prevention programs, and ground-breaking research, as well as the history of abnormal psychology in this country.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Concepts of Abnormality Throughout History - David Dozois, University of Western Ontario,  Daniel Machado, University of Western Ontario

Chapter 2. Theoretical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour - David Dozois,  University of Western Ontario, Lindsay Szota, University of Western Ontario

Chapter 3. Classification and Diagnosis - David Dozois, University of Western Ontario, Katarina Rnic, University of Waterloo

Chapter 4. Psychological Assessment and Research Methods - David Dozois,  University of Western Ontario, Monica Tomlinson,  University of Western Ontario

Chapter 5. Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Trauma-Related Disorders- David Dozois University of Western Ontario,  Jesse Lee Wilde,  University of Western Ontario and Paul A. Frewen, University of Western Ontario

Chapter 6. Dissociative and Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders - Rod A. Martin, University of Western Ontario; Nadia Maiolino, Ph.D. candidate, University of Western Ontario

Chapter 7. Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions - Kenneth M. Prkachin, University of Northern British Columbia; Glenda C. Prkachin, University of Northern British Columbia; Tavis Campbell, University of Calgary; and Joshua A. Rash, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Chapter 8. Mood Disorders and Suicide - Kate Harkness, Queen’s University

Chapter 9. Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders - R. Walter Heinrichs, York University; Farena Pinnock, York University; and Melissa Parlar, York University

Chapter 10. Eating Disorders - Kathryn Trottier, Toronto General Hospital and University of Toronto; Danielle MacDonald, University Health Network Eating Disorder Program

Chapter 11. Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders - David Hodgins, University of Calgary and Magdalen Schluter, Masters candidate, University of Calgary

Chapter 12. The Personality Disorders - Stephen P. Lewis, University of Guelph; Stephen Porter, University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Chapter 13. Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders - Caroline F. Pukall, Queen’s University and Katherine S. Sutton, licensed clinical psychologist with sexual offenders in the state of California.

Chapter 14. Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Jessica K. Jones, Queen’s University; Patricia M. Minnes, professor emerita Queen’s University; Marjory L. Phillips, Queen’s University 

Chapter 15. Behaviour and Emotional Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence - Tracy Vaillancourt, University of Ottawa and Khrista Boylan, McMaster University

Chapter 16. Aging and Mental Health  - Corey Mackenzie, University of Manitoba and Kristin A. Reynolds, University of Manitoba

Chapter 17. Therapies - John Hunsley, University of Ottawa and Catherine M. Lee, University of Ottawa

Chapter 18. Prevention and Mental Health Promotion in the Community - Isaac Prilleltensky, University of Miami; Julian Hasford, Ryerson University

Chapter 19. Mental Disorder and the Law - Stephen D. Hart, Simon Fraser University and University of Bergen and Ronald Roesch, Simon Fraser University

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