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Abstract Algebra: A Geometric Approach, 1st edition

  • Theodore Shifrin
Abstract Algebra: A Geometric Approach

ISBN-13: 9780133198317

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published by Pearson (August 14th 1995) - Copyright © 1996

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Free delivery
$119.99 $95.99

What's included

  • Paperback

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This book explores the essential theories and techniques of modern algebra, including its problem-solving skills, basic proof techniques, many applications, and the interplay between algebra and geometry. KEY TOPICS: It takes a concrete, example-oriented approach to the subject matter.

Table of contents

1. The Integers.

2. From the Integers to the Complex Numbers.

3. Polynomials.

4. Homomorphisms and Quotient Rings.

5. Field Extensions.

6. Groups.

7. Group Actions and Symmetry.

8. Non-Euclidean Geometries.

Appendix A. A Logic Review, Sets and Functions, and Equivalence Relations.

Appendix B. Miscellaneous Facts from Linear Algebra.

Supplementary Reading.

Table of Notations.


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