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Actor's Workbook, The: How to Become a Working Actor, 1st edition

  • Valorie Hubbard
  • Lea Tolub Brandenburg

Published by Pearson (February 8th 2020) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition

Actor's Workbook, The: How to Become a Working Actor

ISBN-13: 9780205592319

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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The Actor’s Workbook: How to Become a Working Actor, 1/E

Valorie Hubbard

Lea Tolub Brandenburg

Are you prepared to become a professional, working actor? The Actor’s Workbook helps you transition from being an acting student to becoming a working professional in a practical, motivating, and straightforward manner. Written in an up-beat and conversational tone by experienced actors and acting teachers, this workbook provides clear and direct answers to your questions about finding work as a new professional in the world of acting.



  • Self-assessment exercises and activities throughout the workbook encourage you to take responsibility for your own career path, develop a comprehensive business plan, and leverage your unique selling proposition into the marketplace.
  • Workbook exercises and self-evaluations help you understand what makes you unique as an artist and how to market those strengths.
  • True stories and examples help demystify the process of finding work as an actor.


What reviewers are saying about The Actor’s Workbook:


“I found this text to be fluid and fun to read… ultimately filled with useful information and exercises.”

-     Matthew Ames, University of South Alabama


“It is a book that should be required reading for any actor serious about pursuing a career in the                


-            Charles Gordon, University of Texas, El Paso


“Excellent! This is bold, challenging stuff.”

-       Jim Robinson, Holy Cross College


“This book is a great asset to an actor just beginning their career, but also contains information that could certainly be helpful to someone who has been in the business a while.  Good real life examples and quotes, and the exercises are great!”

-            Andrea McCook, Flagler College


“It’s a great plan!  I found the reading very enthusiastic.  The approach was fresh, to the point, and easy to follow”

-      Ric Segovia, Triton College

Table of contents



Chapter 1: Getting Started as an Actor

The Business of Acting and You

You are Responsible for Your Own Career

Opening Your Acting Business

Day To Day Operations of Your Business

Advice You Can Use in Your Business

Have a Business Plan


Chapter 2: Branding

How Do You Start to Create Your Brand


Chapter 3: Tools of the Trade: What You'll Need to Start



Letter Writing


Chapter 4: More Tools of the Trade: Taking It to the Next Level

Postcards and Stationary

Demo Reels

Cold Calling



The Interview

Slate and Audition/Interview Behavior

Casting Director Workshops

Web Sites


Chapter 5: Your Team



Acting Coaches

Attorneys and Accountants

Business Coaches

Hairstylists, Make-up Artists, Massage Therapists, etc.


Chapter 6: Goal Setting: The Plan

The Plan

Creating Your Plan: Designing Your Action Steps


Chapter 7: Putting the Plan into Action

Tracking Your Progress



Chapter 8: Staying Afloat

Career Evaluation Form





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