Administrative and Clinical Procedures for the Canadian Health Professional, 4th edition

  • Valerie D. Thompson


Designed for use in Canadian postsecondary schools, such as community and private colleges, as well as for health offices, hospitals, and other health-care facilities for related in-service programs.

This introductory text presents complete and accurate coverage of the basic skills needed to perform effectively as a health office administrative assistant in today's fast-changing work environment. Canadian examples, data, and illustrations have been integrated throughout, and the author draws on her extensive teaching and industry experience to provide real-life examples and scenarios to make key concepts come alive.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 The Administrative Health Professional (AHP)

Chapter 2  Health and the Individual

Chapter 3  Culture and Health

Chapter 4  The Canadian Health-Care System

Chapter 5 Standards and Safety in Health Care

Chapter 6 Diagnostic Tests

Chapter 7 Pharmacology

Chapter 8 Communicating for Health

Chapter 9 Scheduling Appointments

Chapter 10 Health-Care Plans

Chapter 11 Preparing for the Billing Process

Chapter 12 Billing

Chapter 13 Health Information Management

Chapter 14 The Hospital Setting

Chapter 15 Hospital Documents and Procedures

Chapter 16 Order Entry

Chapter 17 Orders for Intravenous Therapy

Chapter 18 Orders Related to Nutrition

Chapter 19 Orders Related to Digestion and Excretion

Chapter 20 Orders Related to Respiration and Circulation

Chapter 21 Orders Related to Rest and Activity

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Published by Pearson Canada (January 19th 2017) - Copyright © 2018