Administrative Procedures for the Canadian Office, Tenth Canadian Edition, 10th edition

  • Lauralee Kilgour
  • Edward Kilgour
  • Marie Rutherford
  • Blanche Rogers
  • Sharon C. Burton
  • Nelda J. Shelton

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Administrative Procedures for the Canadian Office helps students develop the skills they need to perform a wide variety of office procedures in a variety of settings. Students are encouraged to upgrade their level of thinking from basic knowledge to comprehension and finally application. 

Working in a global economy makes it essential for administrative professionals to develop knowledge of broad business practice, which is why the 10e places a greater emphasis on diversity understanding, and the concepts surrounding organizational structure, climate, and culture. There is also an increased focus on emerging technologies, an exploration of varied employability requirements and new content on human resource functions, equity standards, and management and leadership concepts.

Table of contents

Part I The Working Environment
Introduction A Career as an Office Professional 
Chapter 1 Human Relations 
Chapter 2 Diversity and International Business Relations 
Chapter 3 Management of Work, Time, and Resources 
Chapter 4 Research and Reference Sources 
Chapter 5 Organization Structure and Office Layout 

Part II Office Services
Chapter 6 FrontLine Reception
Chapter 7 Office Technology 
Chapter 8 Web Tools and Security 
Chapter 9 Incoming and Outgoing Mail 
Chapter 10 Project Management 
Chapter 11 Information Management 
Chapter 12 Travel Arrangements 
Chapter 13 Meetings and Conferences 
Chapter 14 Business Communication 
Chapter 15 Office Commerce and Record Keeping 

Part III The Future of the Administrative Assistant
Chapter 16 Employment Strategies 
Chapter 17 Professional Development

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