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Advanced Mechanics of Materials, 2nd edition

  • Robert Cook
  • Warren Young
Advanced Mechanics of Materials

ISBN-13:  9780133969610

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Treats topics by extending concepts and procedures a step or two beyond elementary mechanics of materials and emphasizes the physical view -- mathematical complexity is not used where it is not needed. KEY TOPICS: Includes new coverage of symmetry considerations, rectangular plates in bending, plastic action in plates, and critical speed of rotating shafts. Expands the coverage of fatigue, the reciprocal theorem, semi-inverse problems in elasticity, thermal stress, and buckling.

Table of contents

 1. Orientation, Review of Elementary Mechanics of Materials.

 2. Stress, Principal Stresses, Strain Energy.

 3. Failure and Failure Criteria.

 4. Applications of Energy Methods.

 5. Beams on an Elastic Foundation.

 6. Curved Beams.

 7. Elements of Theory of Elasticity.

 8. Pressurized Cylinders and Spinning Disks.

 9. Torsion.

10. Unsymmetric Bending and Shear Center.

11. Plasticity in Structural Members. Collapse Analysis.

12. Plate Bending.

13. Shells of Revolution with Axisymmetric Loads.

14. Buckling and Instability.



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