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Advanced Windows Debugging, 1st edition

  • Mario Hewardt
  • Daniel Pravat

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (October 29th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

1st edition

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Advanced Windows Debugging

ISBN-13: 9780321374462

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


Table of contents

Part I                                                  Overview

Chapter 1                                             Introduction to the Tools

Chapter 2                                             Introduction to the Debuggers

Chapter 3                                             Debugger Uncovered

Chapter 4                                             Managing Symbol and Source Files

Part II                                                 Applied Debugging

Chapter 5                                             Memory Corruptions Part I — Stacks

Chapter 6                                             Memory Corruptions Part I — Heaps

Chapter 7                                             Security             

Chapter 8                                             Inter-process Communication

Chapter 9                                             Resource Leaks       

Chapter 10                              &nbs

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