Agile Leadership Toolkit: Learning to Thrive with Self-Managing Teams, 1st edition

  • Peter Koning

Agile Leadership Toolkit: Learning to Thrive with Self-Managing Teams

ISBN-13:  9780135224960

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If you lead in organizations that have adopted agile methods, you know it’s crucial to create the right environment for your agile teams. Traditional tools such as Gantt charts, detailed plans, and internal KPIs aren’t adequate for complex and fast-changing markets, but merely trusting participants and teams to self-manage isn’t sufficient, either. In Agile Leadership Toolkit, long-time agile leader Peter Koning provides an invaluable steering wheel for agile leaders and their teams. 

Drawing on his extensive experience helping leaders drive more value from agile, Koning offers a comprehensive toolkit for continuously improving your environment, including structures, metrics, meeting techniques, and governance for creating thriving teams that build disruptive products and services. Koning thoughtfully explains how to lead agile teams at the large scale, and how team members fit into both the team and the wider organization. You’ll learn how to:
  • Provide the inspiring direction agile teams need to work smarter and explore better solutions
  • Facilitate ownership, building “can-do” teams that continually look to improve
  • Accelerate learning by integrating users into a fast learning loop
  • Design and improve habits that support your agile culture
Refined through implementation experience at multiple enterprises, Agile Leadership Toolkit is the only guide to agile leadership that’s connected with’s authoritative leadership programs.

Table of contents

Foreword xi
Preface xiii
Acknowledgments xxiii
About the Author xxv

Part 1: Co-Create Goals 1
1.1 How Do You Set the Right Goals? 3
1.2 How Do You Find the Right KVIs? 13
1.3 How to Visualize the Customer Impact? 23
Summary of Part 1–Co-Create Goals 31

Part 2: Facilitate Ownership 37
2.1 When Do Teams Take Ownership? 39
2.2 When Is Intervening the Best Strategy, and When Is Letting Go Better? 49
2.3 How Mature Is My Team? 57
2.4 How Do Typical Teams Grow? 63
2.5 How Can the Borders Be Aligned with the Maturity? 69
2.6 When Does the Ownership Model Work and When Does It Not? 77
Summary of Part 2–Facilitate Ownership 81

Part 3: Learn Faster 89
3.1 How Do You Know Your Teams Are Doing the Right Things? 91
3.2 How Quickly Do My Teams Learn from Users? 101
3.3 How Can the Learning Loop Be Put into Practice? 109
3.4 How Can Teams Implement Big Ideas in Small Steps? 117
3.5 Minimize the Blast Radius 127
Summary of Part 3–Learn Faster 131

Part 4: Design Healthy Habits 137
4.1 How Do You Stimulate an Agile Culture? 139
4.2 How Do You Design Healthy Habits? 153
4.3 Can You Anchor the Cultural Improvement? 165
4.4 What Is a Healthy Habit to Implement Improvements? 171
Summary of Part 4–Design Healthy Habits 187

The Agile Leader as Culture Leader 189
Concrete Questions 189
After Reading This Book 193
Why a New Toolkit? 194
Agile Leadership Toolkit 195

Index 199

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