AIDS: The Impact On the Criminal Justice System, 1st edition

  • Mark Blumberg

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  • Includes articles from the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Prison Journal, Justice Professional, Law, Medicine, and Health Care.
  • An excellent vehicle for examining the many public policy choices facing the criminal justice system as a result of the spread of AIDS.

Table of contents

1. Introduction: An Overview of AIDS in the U.S. and Its Significance for Criminal Justice Agencies.

AIDS and the Criminal Justice System, Mark Blumberg, Central Missouri State University.

2. AIDS and Criminal Justice Agency Personnel.

The Impact of HIV on Criminal Justice Agencies, Ann Eichelberger and Mark Blumberg, Central Missouri State University. Summary of Recommendations, AIDS and the Law Enforcement Officer: Concerns and Policy Responses, National Institute of Justice.

3. AIDS and the Courts.

AIDS: A Judicial Perspective. Peter J. Missitte. AIDS in the Courtroom, Donald H. Wallace, Central Missouri State University.

4. AIDS and Rape Survivors.

Sexual Assault and HIV Transmission, Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. AIDS: Analyzing a New Dimension in Rape Victimization, Mark Blumberg.

5. Female Prostitution and AIDS.

Prostitutes and AIDS: Public Policy Issues, Judith Cohen, Priscilla Alexander, and Constance Wofsy. Mandatory HIV Testing of Female Prostitutes: Policy Statement of the American Civil Liberties Union.

6. AIDS and the Law.

AIDS and the Criminal Law, Martha A. Field and Kathleen M. Sullivan. The Limits of Quarantine as a Measure for Controlling the Spread of AIDS, Mark Blumberg.

7. Intravenous Drug Use and AIDS.

Target Group for Preventing AIDS Among Intravenous Drug Users, Donald C. DesJarlais and Samuel R. Friedman. Can Public Policies Limit the Spread of HIV Among IV Drug Users? Richard Conviser and John H. Rutledge. Drug Use and HIV Epidemic, Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. U.S. Cities Struggle to Implement Needle Exchanges Despite Apparent Success in European Cities, Anne Raymond.

8. AIDS and Corrections.

Issues and Controversies with Respect to the Management of AIDS in Corrections, Mark Blumberg. AIDS and Prisoners' Rights Law: Deciphering the Administrative Guideposts, Allen F. Anderson. Confidentiality, Legal, and Labor Relations Issues, Dana Eser Hunt, with Saira Moini and Susan McWhan.


Published by Pearson (March 21st 1990) - Copyright © 1990