Along These Lines: Writing Paragraphs and Essays, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5/e, 5th edition

  • John Biays
  • Carol Wershoven
  • Lara Sauer

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Along These Lines is the complete student resource for remedial English.

Along These Lines is a great, all-around introduction to paragraph and essay writing for first year and ESL students. Its accessible, workbook style presents a clear, step-by-step introduction to the stages of the writing process.

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Table of contents

Writing in Steps


Chapter 1: Writing a Paragraph                                                                  

Chapter 2: Writing from Reading                                                               

Chapter 3: Illustration                                                                                 

Chapter 4: Description

Chapter 5: Narration                                                                                   

Chapter 6: Process                                                                                      

Chapter 7: Comparison and Contrast                                                         

Chapter 8: Classification

Chapter 9: Cause and Effect                                                                      

Chapter 10: Argument                                                                                

Chapter 11: Writing an Essay                                                                     

Chapter 12: The Research Process                                                              


Grammar for Writers: The Bottom Line


Chapter 13: The Simple Sentence                                                               

Chapter 14: The Compound Sentence: Coordination                                 

Chapter 15: The Complex Sentence: Subordination                                   

Chapter 16: Avoiding Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices                  

Chapter 17: Avoiding Sentence Fragments                                                

Chapter 18: Using Parallelism in Sentences                                                

Chapter 19: Correcting Problems with Modifiers                                       

Chapter 20: Using Verbs Correctly                                                            

Chapter 21: More on Verbs: Consistency and Voice                                 

Chapter 22: Making Subjects and Verbs Agree                                         

Chapter 23: Using Pronouns Correctly: Agreement and Reference           

Chapter 24: Using Pronouns Correctly: Consistency and Case                  

Chapter 25: Punctuation                                                                             


Appendix: Grammar for ESL Students



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