Along These Lines: Writing Sentences and Paragraphs, 7th edition

  • John Biays
  • Carol Wershoven

Along These Lines: Writing Sentences and Paragraphs, Books a la Carte Plus MyLab Writing -- Access Card

ISBN-13:  9780134984438

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Effective writers are effective learners

Clear, effective writing is an increasingly important skill in today’s world. With its intensive coverage of the writing process, Along These Lines: Writing Sentences and Paragraphs, 7th Edition, helps developing writers acquire and improve their skills to become more effective writers – and more effective learners. Biays and Wershoven guide readers, step by step, through the writing process with in¿-depth instruction on grammar, paragraph construction, and short essays.


Each chapter offers numerous individual and collaborative exercises, along with contextualized practical writing applications – such as workplace writing, personal writing, and classroom¿-centered academic material. This book also includes a chapter on “Writing from Reading” that demonstrates how writing and reading are interconnected processes. Encouraging critical thinking and personal engagement, the authors provide invaluable resources, interactive exercises, and continual reinforcement to give writers a solid foundation for future success.


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0134984439/ 9780134984438 Along These Lines: Writing Sentences and Paragraphs, Books a la Carte Plus MyLab Writing with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package, 7/e


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  • 0134782461 / 9780134782461 Along These Lines: Writing Sentences and Paragraphs, Books a la Carte edition, 7/e


Table of contents


1. The Simple Sentence

2. Beyond the Simple Sentence: Coordination

3. Avoiding Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices

4. Beyond the Simple Sentence: Subordination

5. Combining Sentences: A Review of Your Options

6. Avoiding Sentence Fragments

7. Using Parallelism in Sentences

8. Using Adjectives and Adverbs

9. Correcting Problems with Modifiers

10. Verbs: The Present Tense

11. Verbs: The Past Tense

12. Verbs: Consistency and Voice

13. Making Subjects and Verbs Agree

14. Using Pronouns Correctly: Agreement and Reference

15. Using Pronouns Correctly: Consistency and Case

16. Punctuation

17. Spelling

18. Words That Sound Alike/Look Alike

19. Using Prepositions Correctly


20. Writing a Paragraph: Prewriting

21. Writing a Paragraph: Planning

22. Writing a Paragraph: Drafting and Revising

23. Writing a Paragraph: Editing and Proofreading

24. Writing a Narrative Paragraph

25. Writing a Descriptive Paragraph

26. Writing an Illustration Paragraph

27. Writing a Process Paragraph

28. Moving from Paragraphs to Essays

29. Writing from Reading


Appendix. Readings for Writers

Appendix. Basics of College Research

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