Alonso:Physics_p, 1st edition

  • Marcelo Alonso
  • Edward Finn

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Approaches the subject of physics from a contemporary viewpoint, integrating the Newtonian, relativistic and quantum description of nature. The text covers all the traditional topics of physics with greater emphasis on the conservation laws, the concepts of field and waves and the atomic view of matter.

Table of contents

1. Introduction.
2. The structure of matter.
3. Measurement and units.
4. Rectilinear motion.
5. Curvilinear motion.
6. Circulation motion.
7. Force and momentum.
8. Application of the laws of motion.
9. Torque and angular momentum.
10. Work and energy.
11. Oscillatory motion.
12. Gravitational interaction.
13. Space exploration.
14. Systems of particles I: Linear and angular motion.
15. Systems of particles II: Energy.
16. Gases.
17. Thermodynamics.
18 Statistical mechanics.
19. Transport phenomena.
20. The principle of relativity.
21. High energy processes.
22. Electric interaction.
23. Magnetic interaction.
24. Electric structure of matter.
25. Electric currents.
26. The electric field.
27. The magnetic field.
28. The electromagnetic field.
29. Wave motion.
30. Electromagnetic waves.
31. Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter: Photons.
32. Radiative transitions.
33. Reflection, refraction and polarization.
34. Wave geometry.
35. Interference.
36. Diffraction.
37. Quantum mechanics.
38. Quantum mechanics: applications.
39. Atoms, molecules and solids.
40. Nuclear structure.
41. Nuclear processes.
42. The ultimate structure of matter.

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Published by Pearson (May 13th 1992) - Copyright © 1992