Anatomy, Physiology, & Disease: An Interactive Journey for Health Professionals, 3rd edition

  • Bruce J. Colbert
  • Jeff J. Ankney
  • Karen Lee


For courses in anatomy & physiology for health professions, and comprehensive medical assisting.

Where A&P meets pathology: A stimulating exploration
Anatomy, Physiology, & Disease: An Interactive Journey for Health Professionals provides an engaging introduction to interrelationships in A&P and pathology, with emphasis on clinical applications. Conversational and humorous, the text uses real-world analogies to enable true understanding – rather than memorization – and to create lasting connections. The 3rd edition presents the latest research and clinical applications in human A&P, plus new visual aids and practice opportunities. A student workbook, available separately, offers interactive exam prep resources, including concept maps and crossword puzzles.

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Table of contents

1. Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease: Learning the Language
2. The Human Body: Reading the Map
3. Biochemistry: The Basic Ingredients of Life
4. The Cells: The Raw Materials and Building Blocks
5. Tissues and Systems: The Inside Story
6. The Skeletal System: The Framework
7. The Muscular System: Movement for the Journey
8. The Integumentary System: The Protective Covering
9. The Nervous System: The Body’s Control Center
10. The Endocrine System: The Body’s Other Control Center
11. The Senses: The Sights and Sounds
12. The Cardiovascular System: Transport and Supply
13. The Respiratory System: It’s a Gas
14. The Lymphatic and Immune Systems: Your Defense Systems
15. The Gastrointestinal System: Fuel for the Trip
16. The Urinary System: Filtration and Fluid Balance
17. The Reproductive System: Replacement and Repair
18. Basic Diagnostic Tests: What Do the Tests Tell Us?
19. The Journey’s End: Now What?
The Study Success Companion: The Key to Your Successful Journey

A. Medical Terminology, Word Parts, and Singular and Plural Endings
B. Clinical Abbreviations and “Do Not Use” List
C. Infectious Diseases and Their Pathogens
D. Laboratory Reference Values
E. Multisystem Effects of Various Diseases and Conditions
F. Vitamins and Minerals: Sources, Function, and Effects of Deficiency and Toxicity
G. Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions

Published by Pearson (January 4th 2019) - Copyright © 2020