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Anatomy & Physiology for Emergency Care, 2nd edition

  • Frederic H. Martini
Anatomy & Physiology for Emergency Care

ISBN-13: 9780132342988

Includes: Hardcover

2nd edition

Published by Pearson (August 2nd 2007) - Copyright © 2008

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  • Hardcover

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This newly revised paramedic specific book has been developed to meet the needs of a paramedic program and the interests of trained EMS workers, covering appropriate A&P as well as specific clinical applications. It will enable readers to develop their problem solving skills, build a foundation of basic concepts and essential knowledge, and master terminology and principles important to an understanding of the human body.

Table of contents



1 An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

2 The Chemical Level of Organization

3 Cell Structure and Function

4 The Tissue Level of Organization

5 The Integumentary System

6 The Skeletal System

7 The Muscular System

8 The Nervous System

9 The General and Special Senses

10 The Endocrine System

11 The Cardiovascular System: Blood

12 The Cardiovascular System: The Heart

13 The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Circulation

14 The Lymphatic System and Immunity

15 The Respiratory System

16 The Digestive System

17 Nutrition and Metabolism

18 The Urinary System

19 The Reproductive System

20 Development and Inheritance


Appendix I Answers to Concept Check and Chapter Review Questions

Appendix II A Periodic Chart of the Elements

Appendix III Weights and Measures

Appendix IV Normal Physiological Values

Appendix V Key Notes


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