Animal Behaviour: Mechanism, Development, Function and Evolution, 1st edition

  • Chris Barnard

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Animal behaviour has been one of the fastest-growing scientific disciplines of recent years. Its impact on the way we think about biology has spawned lucid Ѣest sellersҠlike The Selfish Gene and widespread scientific and public debate about our view of the natural world and our place in it. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of behaviour, from its basis in the animalҳ anatomy and physiology to its adaptive value in the environment. It is aimed at undergraduate students in the biological sciences and psychology and is designed to serve as both a detailed introduction and an extensive, up-to-date source of reference enabling students to pursue topics in the primary literature.

Table of contents

1. Questions about behaviour.
2. Evolution and behaviour.
3. Physiological mechanisms and behaviour.
4. Motivation and cognition.
5. Development:  from genes to behaviour.
6. Development : maturation and learning.
7. Finding a place to live.
8. Finding food.
9. Social behaviour.
10. Mating and parental care.
11. Communication
12. Human behaviour.    

Published by Pearson Canada (November 27th 2003) - Copyright © 2004