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Animal Behaviour: Psychobiology, Ethology and Evolution, 3rd edition

  • David McFarland

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The third edition of Animal Behaviour continues to provide a balanced and integrated introductory treatment of the entire domain of animal behaviour for Biology and Psychology students. The text assumes no previous knowledge and has been designed to guide new students with a diversity of backgrounds through a logical sequence of study to a full understanding of complex behavioural patterns.

Table of contents

Preface to the Third Edition.
1. Introduction to the Study of Behaviour.
2. Genetics and Behaviour: Genes and Chromosomes:  Development of Behaviour:  Behaviour Genetics.
3. Natural Selection:  Natural Selection, Ecology and Behaviour:  Survival Value and Fitness:  The Evolution of Adaptive Strategies.
4. Evolution and Social Behaviour:  Sexual and Social Behaviour:  Behavioural Ecology:  Primate Social Behaviour.
II. MECHANISMS OF BEHAVIOUR.5. Animal Perception:  Neural Control of Behaviour: Sensory Processes and Perception: . Ecology of the Senses.
6.  The Animal and the Environment:  Coordination and Orientation:  Homeostasis and Behaviour:  Physiology and Behavioural in Changing Environments.
7. Animal Learning:  Conditioning and Learning:  Biological Aspects of Learning:  Cognitive Aspects of Learning.
8. Ethology: . Instinct and Learning:  Ritualization and Communication:  Human Behaviour.
9. Animal Competence:  The Complex Behaviour of Honey-Bees:  Animal Economics:  Animal Robotics.
10. The Mentality of Animals:  Language and Mental Representation:  Intelligence, Tools Use and Culture:  Animal Awareness and Emotion.

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Published by Pearson (January 5th 1999) - Copyright © 1999