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Ant Developer's Handbook, 1st edition

  • Alan Williamson
  • Andrew Wu
  • Joey Gibson
  • Kirk Pepperdine

Published by Sams Publishing (October 22nd 2002) - Copyright © 2003

1st edition

Ant Developer's Handbook

ISBN-13: 9780672324260

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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The authoritative word on Ant, a hot new open source build tool for Java.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary.)

1. Introduction to Ant.

In the Beginning. The First Ant Project. Ant Terminology. Should I Use Ant?

2. Preliminaries.

How to Get Ant. How to Install Ant. A Tour of Ant with a Small Exercise.

3. Global Concepts.

Developing in a Standard Directory Tree. Creating Standard Ant Targets and What They Should Do. Exploring Ant Data Types. Listeners and Loggers. Predefined Properties. The Ant Command Line.

4. Built-In Tasks.

Common Attributes of All Tasks. <ant>. <antcall>. <antstructure>. <apply>/<execon>. <available>. <basename>. <buildnumber>. <Bunzip2>. <BZip2>. <checksum>. <chmod>. <concat>. <condition>. <Copy>. <copydir>. <copyfile>. <cvs>. <cvschangelog>. <cvspass>. <cvstagdiff>. <delete>. <deltree>. <dependset>. <dirname>. <ear>. <echo>. <exec>. <fail>. <filter>. <fixcrlf>. <genkey>. <get>. <gunzip>. <gzip>. <input>. <jar>. <java>. <javac>. <javadoc> and <javadoc2>. <loadFile>. <loadproperties>. <mail>. <manifest>. <mkdir>. <move>. <parallel> and <sequential>. <patch>. <pathconvert>. <property>. <record>. <rename>. <replace>. <rmic>. <sequential>. <signjar>. <sleep>. <sql>. <style>. <tar>. <taskdef>. <touch>. <tstamp>. <typedef>. <Unjar>, <Untar>, <Unwar>, <Unzip>. <uptodate>. <waitfor>. <war>. <xmlproperty>. <xslt>. <zip>.

5. Optional Tasks.

Additional Resources for Ant. ANTLR. <cab>. <depend>. <echoproperties>. <ftp>. <icontract>. <propertyfile>. <javacc>. <jjtree>. <javah>. <jspc>. <junit>. <junitreport>. <replaceregexp>. <setproxy>. <sound>. <splash>. <telnet>. <xmlvalidate>.

6. Extending Ant with Custom Tasks, Data Types, and Listeners.

Matching Class to Source. Life Cycle of a Task. An Informal Contract for a Custom Task. Requirements for ClassToSource. An Implementation for ClassToSource. Adding Nested Elements to a Custom Task. Custom DataTypes. A Custom DataType for ClassToSource. Using a Predefined Data Type. Custom Listeners.

7. Troubleshooting Ant Build Scripts.

Common Debugging Techniques. Syntax Errors. Semantic Errors. Programmatic Errors. Ant Message Levels. Using a Java Debugger. Support Resources and Rules of Engagement. Common Problems and Solutions.

8. Performing End to End Builds on a Nightly Basis.

What Is End to End Building? Targets for EtE Builds.

9. Ant in the Real World.

The Large Sample Application. A Standard Build Environment. Decomposing the Build. Ant Properties. Standard Build Targets. Building the Channel Component. Building the Common Layer. Building the Chat Server. Building the Chat Client. A One-Shot Build of the ChatRoom Application. Some Benefits of Chaining Builds.

10. The Future Direction of Ant.

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