Applications and Investigations in Earth Science, 3rd edition

  • Edward J. Tarbuck
  • Frederick K Lutgens
  • Kenneth G. Pinzke
  • Dennis G. Tasa

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This manual provides a comprehensive, versatile, and adaptable collection of 22 self-contained laboratories that examine the basic principles and concepts of geology, metrology, oceanography, and astronomy. KEY TOPICS: Goes beyond the traditional exercises that examine measurements, mineral, rocks, latitude and longitude, topographic maps, Earth-sun relations, etc. MARKET: For anyone interested in geology or geography.

Table of contents


1. The Study of Minerals.

2. Common Rocks.

3. Introduction to Aerial Photographs and Topographic Maps.

4. Shaping Earth's Surface—Running Water and Groundwater.

5. Shaping Earth's Surface—Arid and Glacial Landscapes.

6. Determining Geologic Ages.

7. Geologic Maps and Structures.

8. Earthquakes and Earth's Interior.


9. Introduction to Oceanography.

10. The Dynamic Ocean Floor.

11. Waves, Currents, and Tides.


12. Earth-Sun Relations.

13. Atmospheric Heating.

14. Atmospheric Moisture, Pressure, and Wind.

15. Air Masses, the Middle-Latitude Cyclone, and Weather Maps.

16. Global Climates and the Human Impact.


17. Astronomical Observations.

18. Patterns in the Solar System.

19. Planet Positions.

20. The Moon and Sun.


21. Location and Distance on Earth.

22. The Metric System, Measurements, and Scientific Inquiry.

Published by Benjamin Cummings (August 25th 1999) - Copyright © 2000