Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers Interactive Edition, 9th edition

  • Paul A. Alberto
  • Anne C. Troutman


Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers will help you apply the principles of behavior analysis to deal appropriately with some of the most challenging student behaviors. The text uses relatable examples of students of various abilities from preschool to young adulthood.

Table of contents

Brief Contents
1. Roots of Applied Behavior Analysis
2. Responsible Use of Applied Behavior Analysis Procedures
3. Preparing Behavioral Objectives
4. Procedures for Collecting Data
5. Graphing Data
6. Single-Subject Designs
7. Determining the Function of Behavior
8. Arranging Consequences That Increase Behavior
9. Arranging Consequences That Decrease Behavior
10. Differential Reinforcement: Antecedent Control and Shaping
11. Providing for Generalization of Behavior Change
12. Teaching Students to Manage Their Own Behavior
13. Putting It All Together

Published by Pearson (January 8th 2016) - Copyright © 2017