Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, 3rd edition

  • Ronald E. Terry
  • J Brandon Rogers

Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering

ISBN-13:  9780133155587

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The Definitive Guide to Petroleum Reservoir Engineering–Now Fully Updated to Reflect New Technologies and Easier Calculation Methods


Craft and Hawkins’ classic introduction to petroleum reservoir engineering is now fully updated for new technologies and methods, preparing students and practitioners to succeed in the modern industry. In Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Third Edition, renowned expert Ronald E. Terry and project engineer J. Brandon Rogers review the history of reservoir engineering, define key terms, carefully introduce the material balance approach, and show how to apply it with many types of reservoirs.


Next, they introduce key principles of fluid flow, water influx, and advanced recovery (including hydrofracturing). Throughout, they present field examples demonstrating the use of material balance and history matching to predict reservoir performance. For the first time, this edition relies on Microsoft Excel with VBA to make calculations easier and more intuitive.


This edition features

  • Extensive updates to reflect modern practices and technologies, including gas condensate reservoirs, water flooding, and enhanced oil recovery
  • Clearer, more complete introductions to vocabulary and concepts– including a more extensive glossary
  • Several complete application examples, including single-phase gas, gas-condensate, undersaturated oil, and saturated oil reservoirs
  • Calculation examples using Microsoft Excel with VBA throughout
  • Many new example and practice problems using actual well data
  • A revamped history-matching case study project that integrates key topics and asks readers to predict future well production


Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Petroleum Reservoirs and Reservoir Engineering
  • Chapter 2: Review of Rock and Fluid Properties
  • Chapter 3: The General Material Balance Equation  
  • Chapter 4: Single-Phase Gas Reservoirs  
  • Chapter 5: Gas-Condensate Reservoirs
  • Chapter 6: Undersaturated Oil Reservoirs
  • Chapter 7: Saturated Oil Reservoirs  
  • Chapter 8: Single-Phase Fluid Flow in Reservoirs
  • Chapter 9: Water Influx
  • Chapter 10: The Displacement of Oil and Gas         
  • Chapter 11: Enhanced Oil Recovery  
  • Chapter 12: History Matching
  • Glossary
  • Index

Published by Pearson (August 1st 2014) - Copyright © 2015