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  5. Argyll Clinic: A Medical Office Simulation

Argyll Clinic: A Medical Office Simulation, 1st edition

  • Agnes Seaton
  • Nancy Elder

Published by Pearson Canada (August 14th 2020) - Copyright © 2004

1st edition

Argyll Clinic: A Medical Office Simulation

ISBN-13: 9780131770928

Includes: Paperback

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What's included

  • Paperback

    You'll get a bound printed text.


This Medical Office Simulation is designed to provide students with practical exposure to activities that might be encountered on the job in a medical office environment.

Table of contents

Main Text


Procedures Manual


Clinic information/associate physicians

Appointment scheduling guidelines

Payroll guidelines

Proofreaders’ marks

Abbreviations of provinces and territories

Abbreviations for Argyll Clinic

Duties and responsibilities of medical staff

Six-month calendar

Patient database information

Database information

Project 1

Instruction/evaluation sheet

Incoming appointment requests

Clinic information notice

Clinic appointment book

Project 2

Instruction/evaluation sheet

Incoming appointment requests

Uninsured services notice

Sample day sheet

Project 3

Instruction/evaluation sheet

After hours telephone messages

Sample patient charts

Patient registration forms

Patient information labels

Strathclyde Medical Lab reports

Stirling Radiological Associates reports

Kilmun Regional Health Centre correspondence

Patient chart forms

Patient summary forms

Periodic health review forms

Clinical data sheets

Project 4

Instruction/evaluation sheet

Diagnostic ultrasound consultation request

Diabetes mellitus seminar

Kilmun Regional Health Centre physician referral

Project 5

Instruction/evaluation sheet

Petty cash transactions

Payroll information

Cash disbursements

Petty cash form

Payroll forms and examples

Employee payroll records

Payroll statements

CPP contribution tables

EI premiums tables

Federal and provincial tax deduction tables

Cash disbursement journal


1. Assignment Materials

6 letter-size folders

4 standard file folders

2 file folders with end tabs

6 coloured inserts for file folders with end tabs (2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 green)


blue index tab for lab reports (4)

green labels for standard file folders (4)

yellow labels for folders with end tabs (2)

green index tabs marked "correspondence" (4)

brown index tabs marked "X-RAY" (4)

alpha, colour-coded peel-off tabs for patient charts (L-L, etc.) (6)


Wave files of audio transcriptions

Letterhead template (Word file)

PDFs of blank employee record forms (3 in total)

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