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Art Since 1940, 3rd edition

  • Jonathan Fineberg

Published by Pearson (June 22nd 2010) - Copyright © 2011

3rd edition

Art Since 1940

ISBN-13: 9780131934795

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The premise of this book is that artists use their art to think about their experience; it gives them a language in which to work out a way of existing in the world. So the front and back of the cover are illustrated with some of the great artists featured in the book doing their work.



1. Yoko Ono in the first performance of Cut Piece, Yamaichi Hall, Kyoto, 1964

photo courtesy Lenono Photo Archive © Yoko Ono

2. Ann Hamilton wearing her 1984 # 13: Toothpick Suitchair

photo courtesy Ann Hamilton Studio

3. Josef Beuys lecturing with a blackboard, New York, 1974

photo photo by Peter Moore © Estate of Peter Moore/ VAGA, New York

4. Ilya Kabakov performing The Walk with Ilya Kabakov, Moscow, circa 1980

photo © Yuri Rost

5. Christo and Jeanne-Claude talking to workers at The Gates assembly plant in Queens, N.Y., February 2005 photo Wolfgang Volz

6. Jackson Pollock painting, East Hampton, N.Y., 1950

© The Pollock-Krasner Foundation ARS, NY and DACS, London 2010 , photo by Hans Namuth. Courtesy Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona. Photograph © Hans Namuth Estate



7 Cai Guo-Qiang in The Century with Mushroom Clouds–Projects for the 20th Century, 1996

Photograph by Hiro Ihara, courtesy of the artist



8. Roxy Paine welding Conjoined, Madison Park, N.Y.C., 2007

photo © Sofia M. Paine

9. Louise Bourgeois at home working on her mixed media sculpture Confrontation, New York, 1982

photo Inge Morath, courtesy Louise Bourgeois Studio/© Louise Bourgeois. DACS, London/VAGA, New York 2010

10. Andy Warhol during the filming of Lupe Velez (portrayed by Edie Sedgwick) in the home of Panna Grady at the Dakota apartment building, New York, 1965

photo © Nat Finkelstein

11. Kerry James Marshall drawing, Chicago, 2009

photo by J. Fineberg

12. David Smith welding, Bolton Landing, 1952

photo © John Stewart

13. Robert Arneson, modeling a self portrait, Benicia, California, 1978

Photo courtesy and © estate of Robert Arneson/DACS, London/VAGA, New York 2010

Table of contents

Foreword to the Third Edition




1 Introduction

            Approaching Art as a Mode of Thought


            The Concept of the Avant-Garde

            Modernism’s Radical Individuality and Self-Critique


            An American Perspective/the Perspective of this Book


2 New York in the Forties

New York Becomes the Center


            Wilfredo Lam

            Roberto Matta

            Joseph Cornell

            American Pragmatism and Social Relevance

            The Depression and the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)

            The Availability of European Modernism

            The Europeans in New York

The Sense of a New Movement in New York

            Commonalities and Differences Among the Artists of the New York School

            Automatism and Action in the Art of the New York School

            Action and Existentialism

            Clyfford Still

            Adolph Gottlieb

            Franz Kline

            Friends in and around the New York School

Alternative Narratives of the Forties

            Jacob Lawrence

            Hedda Sterne

            Louise Bourgeois

            Photography in the Era of the New York School

            Weegee and Lisette Model

            Aaron Siskind and the Chicago School


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