Arts as Meaning Makers: Integrating Literature and the Arts Throughout the Curriculum, The, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Claudia E. Cornett
  • Katharine L. Smithrim

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Designed for Arts Education courses and other methods courses for undergraduate education majors and practicing classroom teachers.

The goal of this textbook is to help teachers meaningfully integrate literature, art, drama, dance and music throughout the curricular area by providing an arts knowledge base, clear reasons for integration, and specific arts integration principles. Intended for undergraduate education majors or practicing classroom teachers new to the concept of integrating the arts, the text's creative problem-solving process and integrated approach uses the arts as tools to learn. The only book on the market which clearly makes the case to integrate the arts on a daily basis, The Arts as Meaning Makers: Integrating Literature and the Arts Throughout the Curriculum, summarizes the concepts and skills of literature, visual art, drama, and dance methods and shows teachers how to plan and implement units and specific lessons which integrate at least one art form with a curricular area in each lesson.

Table of contents



 1. An Introduction to Teaching With, About, In and Through the Arts.

 2. Integrating the Arts Throughout the Curriculum.

 3. Integrating Literature Throughout the Curriculum.

 4. Literature Seed Strategies.

 5. Integrating Visual Arts Throughout the Curriculum.

 6. Art Seed Strategies.

 7. Integrating Drama Throughout the Curriculum.

 8. Drama Seed Strategies.

 9. Integrating Dance Throughout the Curriculum.

10. Dance Seed Strategies.

11. Integrating Music Throughout the Curriculum.

12. Music Seed Strategies.

13. Integrating the Arts with the Arts: Strategy Seed Ideas.

14. Assessment in the Arts.

15. Questions Often Asked.

Appendix A - Arts-Based Children's Literature.

Appendix B - Award-Winning Children's Literature.

Appendix C - Arts Organizations, Addresses, and Internet Sites.

Appendix D - Interest Inventory.

Appendix E - Discipline Prevention and Intervention Strategies.

Appendix F - Bibliography of Recommended Reading and Viewing.

Appendix G - The US National Standards for Arts Education.


Published by Pearson Canada (July 15th 2000) - Copyright © 2001