Asynchronous Transfer Mode: ATM Architecture and Implementation, 1st edition

  • James Martin
  • Joseph Leben
  • Kathleen Kavanagh Chapman

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Remember the old days of eight or nine years ago when telephone lines were primarily used for voice communication? Now, today's world of electronic communication has three distinct information infrastructures. In addition, many other types of communication technologies operate over privately installed transmission media. Many networking and communications professionals agree that these communication technologies will eventually be merged into one streamlined network infrastructure designed to support the transmission of any type of information.

However, there are hurdles and new technologies must be developed to overcome them. One of the most promising is Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). This transmission, switching, and multiplexing technology promises to be important in developing a successful integrated communication strategy. Within the scope of this book, legendary computer guru James Martin and co-authors Kathleen Kavanaugh Chapman and Joe Leben provide an in-depth exploration of ATM, emphasizing its critical role in the future of communication network technology. Asynchronous Transfer Mode: ATM Architecture and Implementation will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone involved in information systems and network administration.

Published by Pearson (November 14th 1996) - Copyright © 1997