Atoms in Molecules: An Introduction, 1st edition

  • Paul L Popelier

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Atoms in Molecules (AIM) is a powerful and novel theory for understanding chemistry, acting as a bridge between fundamental chemical concepts - such as the atom, the bond and molecular structure - and quantum mechanics. It is used increasingly in both theoretical and crystallographic research internationally, including its use in interpreting experimental charge densities.

This book provides a balanced, consistent and didactic account of this exciting theory, explaining its potential impact and making it accessible to a wide audience.

Table of contents

1. The Electron Density
2. The Gradient Vector Field
3. The Atom
4. The Bond
5. The Full Topology
6. Structural Change
7. The Quantum Atom
8. The Laplacian
9. Electrostatics
10. Bond Characterisation

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Published by Pearson (September 23rd 1999) - Copyright © 2000