Automotive Electricity and Electronics, 6th edition

  • James D. Halderman


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For courses covering automotive electricity and electronics systems.

Prepare tomorrow’s automotive professionals for success
Automotive Electricity and Electronics covers the parts, operation, design, and troubleshooting of automotive electricity and electronics systems, in 30 concise chapters that make teaching and learning easy. With a focus  on preparing students for ASE certification, Halderman strategically guides students through on-the-job procedures using step-by-step photo sequences and practical applications. The 6th edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest ASE tasks, with expanded and reorganized information to make learning complete and straight-forward.

Table of contents

  1. Service Information, Work Orders, and Vehicle Identification
  2. Tools and Safety
  3. Environmental and Hazardous Materials
  4. Electrical Fundamentals
  5. Electrical Circuits and Ohm’s Law
  6. Series Circuits
  7. Parallel Circuits
  8. Series—Parallel Circuits
  9. Circuit Testers and Digital Meters
  10. Oscilloscopes and Graphing Multimeters
  11. Automotive Wiring and Wire Repair
  12. Wiring Schematics and Circuit Testing
  13. Capacitance and Capacitors
  14. Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  15. Electronic Fundamentals
  16. Computer Fundamentals
  17. CAN and Network Communications
  18. Batteries
  19. Battery Testing and Service
  20. Cranking System
  21. Cranking System Diagnosis and Service
  22. Charging System
  23. Charging System Diagnosis and Service
  24. Lighting and Signaling Circuits
  25. Driver Information and Navigation Systems
  26. Security and Anti-Theft Systems
  27. Airbag and Pretensioner Circuits
  28. Body Electrical Accessories
  29. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)
  30. Audio System Operation and Diagnosis

Appendix 1: Sample Electrical (A6) ASE-type Certification Test With Answers

Appendix 2: 2017 ASE Correlation Chart

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