Automotive Fuel and Emissions Control Systems, 4th edition

  • James D. Halderman


With an emphasis on diagnosing and troubleshooting–and featuring numerous tech tips and diagnostic examples throughout–this comprehensive, full-color book covers all aspects of automotive fuel and emissions. Designed specifically to correlate with the NATEF program, and updated throughout to correlate to the latest NATEF and ASE tasks, Automotive Fuel and Emissions Control Systems, 4/e combines topics in engine performance (ASE A8 content area) with topics covered in the advanced engine performance (L1) ASE test content area. The result is cost-efficient, easy-to-learn-from resource for students and beginning technicians alike.


This book is part of the Pearson Automotive Professional Technician Series, which features full-color, media-integrated solutions for today’s students and instructors covering all eight areas of ASE certification, plus additional titles covering common courses. Peer reviewed for technical accuracy, the series and the books in it represent the future of automotive textbooks.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Service Information, Tools, and Safety 1


Chapter 2 Environmental and Hazardous Materials 35


Chapter 3 Gasoline Engine Operation and Specifications 46


Chapter 4 Diesel Engine Operation and Diagnosis 60


Chapter 5 Gasoline 81


Chapter 6 Alternative Fuels 95


Chapter 7 Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels 108


Chapter 8 Intake and Exhaust Systems 113


Chapter 9 Turbocharging and Supercharging 123


Chapter 10 Engine Condition Diagnosis 135


Chapter 11 On-Board Diagnosis 153


Chapter 12 CAN and Network Communications 162


Chapter 13 Temperature Sensors 179


Chapter 14 Throttle Position Sensors 190


Chapter 15 MAP/BARO Sensors 196


Chapter 16 MASS AIRFLOW Sensors 205


Chapter 17 Oxygen Sensors 212


Chapter 18 Wide-Band Oxygen Sensors 229


Chapter 19 Fuel Pumps, Lines, and Filters 238


Chapter 20 Fuel-Injection Components and Operation 256


Chapter 21 Gasoline Direct-Injection Systems 270


Chapter 22 Electronic Throttle Control System 277


Chapter 23 Fuel-Injection System Diagnosis and Service 286


Chapter 24 Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing 306


Chapter 25 Evaporative Emission Control Systems 317


Chapter 26 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems 327


Chapter 27 Positive Crankcase Ventilation and Secondary Air-Injection Systems 335


Chapter 28 Catalytic Converters 343


Chapter 29 Ignition System Operation and Diagnosis 354


Chapter 30 Scan tools and Engine Performance Diagnosis 378


Chapter 31 Hybrid Safety and Service Procedures 397


Chapter 32 Fuel Cells and Advanced Technologies 410


Appendix NATEF Task Correlation Chart 425


Glossary 428


Index 449

Published by Pearson (January 14th 2015) - Copyright © 2016