Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair, 1st edition

  • James D. Halderman

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Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair is designed to meet the needs of a beginning or introductory automotive program. Real examples and color images throughout the text show students how to perform the basic duties and skills needed to be an entry-level service technician. Describing the purpose and function of each system, the text explains the parts involved and how they work and shows students how to perform basic visual diagnosis with the end goal of determining if a system is working as designed or if further service or diagnosis is required. Providing a solid understanding of the NATEF tasks for Maintenance and Light Repair, this text has been peer reviewed by automotive instructors and experts in the field to ensure technical accuracy.

Table of contents

1. Automotive Background and Overview

2. Careers in the Automotive Service Industry

3. Starting a Career in the Automotive Industry

4. Working as a Professional Service Technician

5. Technician Certification

6. Shop Safety

7. Environmental and Hazardous Materials

8. Fasteners and Thread Repair

9. Hand Tools

10. Power Tools and Shop Equipment

11. Vehicle Lifting and Hoisting

12. Measuring Systems and Tools

13. Service Information

14. Vehicle Identification and Emission Ratings

15. Gasoline Engine Operation

16. Diesel Engine Operation

17. Under Hood Inspection

18. Lube, Oil, and Filter Service

19. Engine Cooling System

20. Engine Condition Diagnosis

21. In-Vehicle Engine Service

22. Gaskets and Sealants

23. Electrical Fundamentals

24. Electrical Circuits

25. Series, Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits

26. Circuit Testers and Digital Meters

27. Automotive Wiring and Wire Repair

28. Wiring Schematics and Circuit Testing

29. Batteries   

30. Cranking System

31. Charging System

32. Lighting and Signaling Circuits

33. Driver Information and Navigation Systems

34. Horn, Wiper, and Blower Motor Circuits

35. Accessory Circuits

36. Airbag and Pre-tensioner Circuits

37. Heating and Air Conditioning Components and Operation

38. Heating and Air Conditioning System Inspection

39. Ignition System

40. The Fuel Delivery System

41. Fuel Injection Systems

42. Emission Control Devices

43. Hybrid Electric Vehicles

44. Scan Tools and Diagnostic Procedures

45. Tires and Wheels

46. Tire Pressure Monitoring

47. Tire and Wheel Service

48. Front Suspension Service

49. Rear Suspension Service

50. Steering Linkage Service

51. Power-Assisted Steering Systems

52. Wheel Alignment

53. Brake System Components

54. Brake Hydraulic Systems

55. Brake Fluid and Lines

56. Brake Bleeding

57. Wheel Bearings

58. Drum Brakes

59. Disc Brakes

60. Parking Brakes

61. Drum/Rotor Machining

62. Power Brake Systems

63. Clutches

64. Manual Transmissions/Transaxles

65. Drive Shafts and CV Joints

66. Drive Axles and Differentials

67. Four-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive

68. Automatic Transmissions Parts and Operation

69. Automatic Transmissions Service

70. Used Vehicle and Pre-Delivery Inspections

Published by Pearson (July 16th 2013) - Copyright © 2014