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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Cert Guide, 1st edition

  • Anthony J. Sequeira
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Cert Guide

ISBN-13:  9780789760487

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The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, the world’s leading cloud platform. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Cert Guide is the comprehensive self-study resource for Amazon’s valuable new exam.


Designed for all AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner candidates, this guide covers every exam objective concisely and logically, with extensive teaching features designed to promote retention and understanding. You’ll find:

  • Pre-chapter quizzes to assess knowledge upfront and focus your study more efficiently
  • Foundation topics sections that explain concepts and configurations, and link theory to practice
  • Key topics sections calling attention to every figure, table, and list you must know
  • Exam Preparation sections with additional chapter review features
  • Final preparation chapter providing tools and resources to help you craft your review and test-taking strategies and optimize your study time
  • A customizable practice test library
  • More than 60 minutes of bonus video mentoring
  • A 70% discount off the Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test

This guide offers comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of all AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner topics related to:

  • AWS Cloud definitions, advantages, and economics
  • Basic principles of AWS cloud architecture design and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  • Cloud security, compliance, access management, and AWS security support resources
  • Methods for deploying and operating AWS
  • AWS global infrastructure and core AWS services
  • AWS resources for technology support
  • Pricing models, account structures for billing and pricing, and billing support resources

Table of contents

Introduction xvii
Part I Domain 1: Cloud Concepts
Chapter 1 The AWS Cloud Defined 3
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 3
    Foundation Topics 5
    Introduction to the Cloud 5
    Introduction to the AWS Cloud 7
    Exam Preparation Tasks 16
    Review All Key Topics 16
    Define Key Terms 16
    Q&A 17
Chapter 2 Advantages of the AWS Cloud 19
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 19
    Foundation Topics 21
    Cloud Advantages 21
    AWS Cloud Advantages 24
    Exam Preparation Tasks 28
    Review All Key Topics 28
    Define Key Terms 28
    Q&A 29
Chapter 3 Core AWS Services 31
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 31
    Foundation Topics 35
    Overview of Services and Categories 35
    Introduction to the AWS Global Infrastructure 36
    Introduction to Virtual Private Cloud 36
    Introduction to Security Groups 38
    Introduction to Compute Services 39
    Introduction to EBS 43
    Introduction to S3 44
    Introduction to AWS Database Solutions 47
    Exam Preparation Tasks 50
    Review All Key Topics 50
    Define Key Terms 51
    Q&A 51
Chapter 4 Cloud Architecture Design Principles 53
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 53
    Foundation Topics 55
    The Well-Architected Framework 55
    Fault Tolerance and High Availability 58
    Web Hosting 59
    Exam Preparation Tasks 60
    Review All Key Topics 60
    Define Key Terms 60
    Q&A 61
Part II Domain 2: Security
Chapter 5 The AWS Shared Responsibility Model 63
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 63
    Foundation Topics 65
    Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model 65
    Amazon Responsibilities 66
    Client Responsibilities 66
    Exam Preparation Tasks 68
    Review All Key Topics 68
    Define Key Terms 68
    Q&A 68
Chapter 6 Cloud Security and Compliance 71
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 71
    Foundation Topics 73
    An Introduction to AWS Security 73
    AWS Security Compliance Programs 75
    Exam Preparation Tasks 77
    Review All Key Topics 77
    Define Key Terms 77
    Q&A 77
Chapter 7 AWS Access Management Capabilities 79
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 79
    Foundation Topics 81
    Identity and Access Management 81
    Best Practices with IAM 84
    Exam Preparation Tasks 88
    Review All Key Topics 88
    Define Key Terms 88
    Q&A 88
Chapter 8 Resources for Security Support 91
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 91
    Foundation Topics 93
    Tools for Security Support 93
    Additional Security Support Resources 97
    Exam Preparation Tasks 100
    Review All Key Topics 100
    Define Key Terms 100
    Q&A 101
Part III Domain 3: Technology
Chapter 9 Methods of Deploying and Operating in AWS 103
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 103
    Foundation Topics 105
    Automation 105
    Orchestration 106
    Management Options 108
    Exam Preparation Tasks 110
    Review All Key Topics 110
    Define Key Terms 111
    Q&A 111
Chapter 10 The AWS Global Infrastructure 113
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 113
    Foundation Topics 116
    Regions 116
    Availability Zones 118
    Connections 118
    Exam Preparation Tasks 122
    Review All Key Topics 122
    Define Key Terms 122
    Q&A 123
Chapter 11 Resources for Technology Support 125
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 125
    Foundation Topics 127
    Documentation 127
    Discussion Forums 130
    Exam Preparation Tasks 133
    Review All Key Topics 133
    Define Key Terms 133
    Q&A 133
Part IV Domain 4: Billing and Pricing
Chapter 12 Using the Free Tier to Build a Web Server 135
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 135
    Foundation Topics 137
    Creating Your Free Tier Account 137
    Building a Web Server with the Free Tier 147
    Exam Preparation Tasks 151
    Review All Key Topics 151
    Define Key Terms 151
    Q&A 151
Chapter 13 AWS Pricing Models 153
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 153
    Foundation Topics 155
    Fundamentals of Pricing 155
    Pricing Details 157
    Exam Preparation Tasks 159
    Review All Key Topics 159
    Define Key Terms 159
    Q&A 159
Chapter 14 Account Structures for Billing and Pricing 161
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 161
    AWS Support Plans Overview 163
    Comparing the Plans 165
    Exam Preparation Tasks 166
    Review All Key Topics 166
    Define Key Terms 167
    Q&A 167
Chapter 15 Resources for Billing Support 169
    “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 169
    Cost Calculators 171
    AWS Billing and Cost Management 173
    Exam Preparation Tasks 174
    Review All Key Topics 174
    Define Key Terms 175
    Q&A 175
Part V Final Preparation
Chapter 16 Final Preparation 177
    Exam Information 177
    Getting Ready 179
    Tools for Final Preparation 180
    Suggested Plan for Final Review/Study 184
    Summary 185
Part VI Appendixes
Glossary of Key Terms 187
Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes and Q&A
Sections 193
Appendix B AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Cert Guide Exam
Updates 201
Appendix C Online only
9780789760487, TOC, 2/26/19

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