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Basic Methods of Structural Geology, 1st edition

  • Stephen Marshak
  • Gautum Mitra

Published by Pearson (March 25th 1988) - Copyright © 1988

1st edition

Basic Methods of Structural Geology

ISBN-13: 9780130651785

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

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  • introduces methods for strain analysis, balanced cross sections, down-plunge projections, and structural analysis in poly-deformed terranes.
  • includes many worked-out examples and numerous maps, photographs, drawings, and diagrams.

Table of contents

I. INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL: Orientation and Location.

 1. Interpretation and Construction of Contour Maps.

 2. Geometric Methods I—Attitude Calculations.

 3. Geometric Methods II—Dimension Calculations.

 4. Interpretation of Simple Outcrop Patterns.

 5. Stereographic Methods I—Concepts and Plotting.

 6. Stereographic Methods II—Poles and Rotations.

 7. Calculation of Layer Attitude in Drill Holes.

 8. Equal-Area Projections and Structural Analysis.

II. SPECIAL TOPICS: Aspects of Geological Map Interpretation.

 9. Analysis of Joint, Fault and Lineament Geometry.

10. Description of Structures in Outcrop, Hand Sample, and Thin Section.

11. Construction of Interpretive Cross Sections and Block Diagrams.

12. Cross-section Balancing.

13. Interpretation of Poly-Deformed Terrains.

14. Analysis of Two-dimensional Finite Strain.

15. Rock-deformation Experiments and Mohr Diagrams.

Elements of Cartography.

Basic Trigonometry.

Suggestions for Mapping Geologic Structures and Structural Associations.

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