Basics of Social Research, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4th edition

  • W Lawrence Neuman
  • Karen Robson

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Preparing students to do research and understand what research can do.

Basics of Social Research helps students understand what researchers do and why, while preparing them to think critically about how content findings are created.

The information in this text is presented in an easy to understand manner that allows students to see the importance of properly conducted research.

Updated Canadian content focuses on real research examples from Canadian studies to make social research accessible to students, and to demonstrate how social research has real-world applications.

Table of contents

Part 1 Foundations

Chapter 1 Doing Social Research

Chapter 2 Theory and Social Research

Chapter 3 Ethics in Social Research

Chapter 4 Reviewing the Scholarly Literature and Planning a Study

Chapter 5 Designing a Study

Chapter 6 Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement

Chapter 7 Qualitative and Quantitative Sampling

Part 2 Conducting Quantitative Research

Chapter 8 Survey Research

Chapter 9 Experimental Research

Chapter 10 Nonreactive Quantitative Research and Secondary Analysis

Chapter 11 Analysis of Quantitative Data

Part III Conducting Qualitative Research

Chapter 12 Qualitative Interviewing 

Chapter 13 Field Research

Chapter 14 Nonreactive Qualitative Research

Chapter 15 Analysis of Qualitative Data

Part IV Mixing Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Chapter 16 Combining Methods in Social Science Research

Appendix 1  Doing a Research Project 

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