Be Core Ready: Powerful, Effective Steps to Implementing and Achieving the Common Core State Standards, 1st edition

  • Pam Allyn


Be Core Ready: Powerful, Effective Steps to Implementing and Achieving the Common Core State Standards is a transformational book for teachers, administrative leaders, literacy coaches, ELL specialists, special educators, media specialists, reading teachers, content area teachers, and families. In a teacher-friendly, conversational style, this book, provides a clear understanding of the most compelling topics emerging from the Common Core State Standards and introduces the groundbreaking 4 Doors to Core Ready approach to solving the questions of what to teach and how to teach it in this new era. The book addresses curriculum, close reading, text complexity, care for ELL and special needs students, meaningful assessment, and the active and meaningful use of technology and literature to help all students meet and exceed the standards.


Visit to purchase access to the PDToolkit for Pam Allyn's Core Ready Series. The PDToolkit access does not come with the print book.


PDToolkit for Pam Allyn's Core Ready Series is a supplemental online subscription-based resource that provides the tools that educators need to implement the Common Core Standards effectively, fluidly, and successfully. The PDToolkit, together with the texts, provides the tools you need to ensure a standards-aligned year of joyful, effective, research-based literacy curriculum.

Table of contents


Note to Readers: Welcome to Core Ready

Introduction:      The Core Student: Dynamic Commitments for a New Century

Chapter 1:   Ensuring College and Career Readiness

Chapter 2:   The 4 Doors to Core Ready: A Fresh Look at the Standards with New Curriculum

Chapter 3:   8 Core Shifts—Paradigm Changes for 21st Century Learning and How to Make Them Happen

Chapter 4:   Action Steps for the Core Ready Classroom and the Core Ready Community

Chapter 5:   The Staircase of Text Complexity: The Bold Reader Navigates a Bold New World

Chapter 6:   Argument and Evidence: The Bold Writer Crafts a Bold New World

Chapter 7:   Technology and New Media: The Bold Scholar Creates a Bold New World

Chapter 8:   Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening: Powerful Lesson Sets to Meet and Exceed Standards
Chapter 9:   Close Reading:  What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Do It

Chapter 10: Empowering ELL Core Learners

Chapter 11: Differentiating With Passion and Purpose for Special Needs Scholars

Chapter 12: Close Reading of Students—Making Assessment Matter

Chapter 13: The Power is in the Core: Reaching for the Stars

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