Becoming a Teacher, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5th edition

  • Forrest W. Parkay
  • Beverly Hardcastle Stanford
  • John Vaillancourt
  • Heather Stephens
  • James Robert Harris
  • Janette Hughes
  • George Gadanidis
  • Diana Petrarca

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Becoming a Teacher, 5CE offers a comprehensive guide to the Canadian educational landscape with its balanced approach from theory to research to practice, and successful 12-chapter organization. It offers new teachers the foundations and history of the Canadian educational system as well as practical advice and tools to build a solid and sustainable career in teaching. Becoming a Teacher continues to provide a foundation of all the important areas that may affect a teacher in today’s Canadian system of education.

Table of contents



1          Teaching

2          Learning to Teach

3          Ideas and Events That Have Shaped Education in Canada

4          Canadian School Governance

5          Social and Cultural Realities Confronting Today’s Schools

6          Addressing Learners’ Individual Needs

7          Creating a Community of Learners

8          Developing and Implementing the Curriculum

9          The Role of Technology in Education

10         Teachers as Educational Leaders

11         Your First Teaching Position

12         Educational Issues for the Twenty-First Century

Published by Pearson Canada (January 2nd 2017) - Copyright © 2017