Beyond Knowledge Management: Dialogue, Creativity and the Corporate Curriculum, 1st edition

  • Bob Garvey
  • Bill Williamson

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"Garvey and Williamson's book presents a significant and much needed advance of the literature on knowledge management.  This text opens up the horizons to show the complex human and social dimensions of generating, transmitting and maintaining useful knowledge in organizations.  Both erudite and practical, the authors address the topic from multiple theoretical and epistemological perspectives and thus pay tribute to its complex nature.  At the same time, the book succeeds in showing the strateic importance of knowledge management in the context of human resource development and oranizational change.  A much needed addition to existing literature and of great value to both academic and practitioner audiences."K. Peter Kuchinke, Professor of Human Resource Development, University of Illinois, USA "This book lives up to its title.  It takes the fashionable topic of knowledge management and explores in depth its broader implications, particularly those concerned with organisational and individual learning."Michael Armstrong, Independent Management Consultant, author and Fellow of the CIPD and Institute of Management Consultants This unique, engaging and timely book explores the ways in which learning and knowledge processes link to the success of an organisation.  IT encourages managers to think critically and offers useful frameworks for identifying and releasing tacit knowledge.   

Table of contents


Section 1 The Big Picture

1. The Knowledge Economy (KE)
2. Strategy, Capabilities, Knowledge productivity and the

Section 2 Developing Expertise in Learning - individuals and

3. Specific Expertise, Specific Situations
4. Problems and Challenges
5. Generating New Knowledge
Critique of Section 2 by Jussi Koski

Section 3 Developing Expertise in Learning

6. Environments for Learning
7. Creative Environments
8. Communicating Knowledge

Section 4 Achieving Change

9. Change through Learning Themes Dominant discourse.



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