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  • Adam Briggs
  • Paul Cobley

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 This is a fully updated edition of the bestselling The Media: An Introduction, a collection of specially written essays designed to introduce the study of media. The book enhances its reputation as an original and insightful volume covering the whole spectrum of media. This fully updated and expanded edition offers an accessible factual and theoretical overview of the media industry and is a comprehensive empirical guide to the separate institutions that make up the media.   FEATURES · An overview of routine practices of the media. · An outline of the markets and means of funding of media institutions. · A European, global and forward-looking perspective on the media. · Fully updated and expanded essays. · Two additional new chapters on audiences and reception. · Additional new chapter on ¿class¿. · Expanded sections of ¿Further Reading¿, related web resources and stimulants to further study.        CONTENTS PART ONE: What are the Media?  Comics · Publishing Industry · Advertising · Marketing and Consumer Culture · News Agencies · Journalism · Newspapers and the Press · Magazines · Radio · Television · European Cinema · Pop Music · Industry · Technology. PART TWO: ¿Outside¿ the Media.  Economics · Policy: Models of Media Institutions · Media Effects · Audience Feedback · Active Audiences · Impacts and Influences · Approaches to Studying the Media PART THREE: ¿In¿ the Media.  Sexuality · Gender · Class · Race and Ethnicity · Youth · Disability · Nationality · Sport · News Production · Parliamentary Politics · News Photography · Pornography and Censorship.   Editors Adam Briggs is Principal Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies at the London College of Fashion. Paul Cobley is Reader in Communications at London Guildhall University. Contributors Patrick Barwise, Neil Blain, Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Raymond Boyle, Brian Braithwaite, John Corner, Andrew Crisell, Guy Cumberbatch, James Curran, Jessica Evans, Ivor Gaber, David Gordon, Sylvia Harvey, Joke Hermes, Andrew Higson, Patricia Holland, Anne J¿ckel, Ray Kent, Jenny Kitzinger, Joanne Lacey, Iain MacRury, Brian McNair, Sarita Malik, Andy Medhurst, Irene Costera Meijer, David Miller, Ralph Negrine, Bill Osgerby, Jerry Palmer, Richard Paterson, TerhIi Rantanen, Roger Sabin, David Saunders, Roy Shuker, Linda Ruth Williams, Liesbet van Zoonen.        

Table of contents

1. What you need to know before you start to use this book (Adam Briggs and Paul Cobley)

Part I: WHAT ARE THE MEDIA? (Adam Briggs and Paul Cobley)
2. Comics (Roger Sabin)
3. Book publishing (David Saunders)
4. Advertising (Iain MacRury)
5. News agencies (Oliver Boyd-Barrett and Terhri Rantanen)
6. Public relations and journalism (David Miller)
7. Newspapers (James Curran)
8. Magazines (Brian Braithwaite)
9. Radio (Andrew Crisell)
10. Television (Richard Patereson)
11. Cinema (Anne J¿ckel)
12. Pop music (Roy Shuker)
13. Technology (Brian McNair)

Part II: "OUTSIDE" THE MEDIA (Adam Briggs and Paul Cobley)
14. Economics (Patrick Barwise and David Gordon)
15. Policy (Sylvia Harvey)
16. Models of media institutions (Ralph Negrine)
17. Audience research (Ray Kent)
18. 'Effects' (Guy Cumberbatch)
19. 'Impacts and influences' (Jenny Kitzinger)
20. Active Audiences (Joke Hermes)
21. Approaches (John Corner)

Part III: "IN" THE MEDIA  (Adam Briggs and Paul Cobley)
22. Sexuality (Andy Medhurst)
23. Gender (Irene Costera Meijer and Liesbet van Zoonen)
24. Social class (Joanne Lacey)
25. Race and ethnicity (Sarita Malik)
26. Youth (Bill Osgerby)
27. Disability (Jessica Evans)
28. Nationality (Andrew Higson)
29. Sport (Neil Blain and Raymond Boyle)
30. News production (Jerry Palmer)
31. Parliamentary politics (Ivor Gaber)
32. News photography (Patricia Holland)
33. Pornography and censorship (Linda Ruth Williams)

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