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Building Professionals: Creating a Successful Portfolio, 1st edition

  • Diane J. Orton
  • Tammy L.W. Freelin
  • Fresa J. Jacobs
  • Robin R. Wingo

Published by Pearson (September 24th 2002) - Copyright © 2003

1st edition

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ISBN-13: 9780130493149

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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One of the greatest challenges facing people entering the workforce is learning about themselves—recognizing what skills and knowledge they have developed for their chosen fields, and finding opportunities to use those abilities in a career. This easy-to-use tool assists readers in collecting, managing, and organizing a professional portfolio. KEY TOPICS: Helps readers understand how their individual experiences relate directly to the skills and abilities that employers are looking for. Is organized into quality categories in each chapter, marked by icons—includes Critical Thinking/Problem Solving; Leadership; Initiative and Follow Through; Working Effectively with Others/Diversity; Communication. Provides Link and Learn Worksheets. Emphasizes mentor feedback and offers a blueprint for future growth. MARKET: The ideal handbook for anyone entering the workforce or changing careers.

Table of contents

Note: Each chapter includes a Worksheet.

1. Developing a Personal Statement.

2. Personal Achievement.

3. Academic Report.

4. Leadership.

5. Work-Related Materials.

6. Internships.

7. Linking and Learning Model.

8. Resume and References.

Appendix A: Career Development.

Appendix B: Your Portfolio and Graduate School.

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