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  3. Business, Ethics, and the Environment: Imagining a Sustainable Future

Business, Ethics, and the Environment: Imagining a Sustainable Future, 1st edition

  • Joseph DesJardins

Published by Pearson (December 20th 2006) - Copyright © 2007

1st edition

Business, Ethics, and the Environment: Imagining a Sustainable Future

ISBN-13: 9780131891746

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Business, Ethics, and Sustainability

Joseph DesJardins



Sustainability—economic, environmental, and ethical–is the guiding idea that will shape business and economics into the foreseeable future. Business, Ethics, and Sustainability provides a concise, comprehensive introduction to the ethics and management of sustainable business, making the economic, environmental, ethical, and business case for adopting a sustainable business model. It covers topics ranging from the economics of sustainable development to sustainability in marketing and finance.


Features include:

*     An introductory chapter surveying environmental and ecological challenges facing business

*     Detailed analysis of why economic growth alone cannot address these challenges

*     Models for what a sustainable business might look like

*     Detailed consideration of sustainable production and consumption

*     A chapter surveying the impact of sustainability on Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance

*     Full integration of ethical considerations and analyses


Business, Ethics, and Sustainability is part of the Basic Ethics in Action series, edited by Michael Boylan. For a complete list of our titles, please visit

Table of contents

Table of contents




Chapter One: The Coming Age of  Sustainable Business


            Economics, Ecology, Ethics 

            Individuals, Government, and Business

            Economic Growth: Problem or Solution?

            The Sustainability Paradigm

            Sustainability as Social Justice

            Sustainability: Two Caveats


Chapter Two: The Biosphere: Facts and Values


            I = PAT

            State of the Biosphere




            Values and the Biosphere: Pragmatism and Diversity



Chapter Three: Economic Growth, Free Markets, and Business Responsibility


            Economic Growth as the Economic Good

            Free Market Environmentalism

            Free Market Ethics

            Corporate Social Responsibility and the Standard Model

            Corporate Environmental Responsibility



Chapter Four: The failure of market-based policies


            Critique of Growth-Base Market Model: Internal Challenges

            Critique of Growth-Base Market Model: External Challenges

            The Ethics of the Conventional Model

            Summary and Conclusions


Chapter Five: Ecological Economics and Sustainable Business Ethics


            Ecological Economics

            Policy Implications of Ecological Economics: Accounting for Natural Capital

            Policy Implications of Ecological Economics: Globalized Trade and Finance

            Ecological Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility


Chapter Six:  The “Business Case” for Sustainability and Sustainable Business Models         


            The Business Case for Sustainability

            Models for Sustainable Business: Natural Capitalism and Industrial Ecology

            Models for Sustainable Business: The Natural Step and Cradle-to-Cradle



Chapter Seven: Sustainable Production and Sustainable Products


            Sustainable Products

            Sustainable Production: Pollution and Waste

            Life-Cycle Responsibility, Dematerialization, and Sustainable Energy Use

            Business as Consumers: Supply-Chain Responsibility



Chapter Eight:  Sustainable Consumption


            Sustainable Consumption

            Consumption: Too Much of a Good Thing?

            Why do we Consume as we do?

            Business’ Responsibility for Consumption

            Philosophical Reflections on Consumerism




Chapter Nine: Creating Sustainable Professions and Sustainable



            Sustainable Marketing

            Sustainable Accounting, Auditing, Finance

            Sustainable HR and Operations

            Sustainable Communities

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