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Business in Action, 8th edition

  • Courtland L Bovee
  • John Thill

Published by Pearson (July 12th 2019) - Copyright © 2017

8th edition

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KEY BENEFIT: Fully comprehensive, Business in Action remains significantly shorter than other introductory business textbooks without omitting any important principles and concepts. Featuring a highly organized, objective-driven structure, this Eighth Edition builds on the text’s tradition of incorporating relevant, contemporary examples from the business world with five brand-new vignettes and case studies bookending its chapters.


This updated edition also includes new and revised questions, visuals, and chapters covering relevant business trends and topics. The ideal textbook for introductory courses in business, Business in Action covers the full spectrum of contemporary business topics without filler or fluff.


KEY TOPICS: Developing a Business Mindset; Understanding Basic Economics; The Global Marketplace; Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility; Forms of Ownership; Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Ownership; Management Roles, Functions, and Skills; Organization and Teamwork; Production Systems; Employee Motivation; Human Resources Management; Labor Relations; The Art and Science of Marketing; Product and Pricing Strategies; Distribution and Marketing Logistics; Customer Communication; Financial Information and Accounting Concepts; Financial Management; Financial Markets and Investment Strategies; The Money Supply and Banking Systems


MARKET: For anyone who wants to gain a basic knowledge about business.

Table of contents

1. Developing a Business Mindset

2. Understanding Basic Economics

3. The Global Marketplace

4. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

5. Forms of Ownership

6. Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Ownership

7. Management Roles, Functions, and Skills

8. Organization and Teamwork

9. Production Systems

10. Employee Motivation

11. Human Resources Management

12. Labor Relations

13. The Art and Science of Marketing

14. Product and Pricing Strategies

15. Distribution and Marketing Logistics

16. Customer Communication

17. Financial Information and Accounting Concepts

18. Financial Management

19. Financial Markets and Investment Strategies

20. The Money Supply and Banking Systems

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