Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science: A Managerial Perspective, 4th edition

  • Ramesh Sharda
  • Dursun Delen
  • Efraim Turban

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For courses on Business Intelligence or Decision Support Systems.

A managerial approach to understanding business intelligence systems.

To help future managers use and understand analytics, Business Intelligence provides students with a solid foundation of BI that is reinforced with hands-on practice.

Table of contents

Chapter 1     An Overview of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science                                    3

Chapter 2     Descriptive Analytics I: Nature of Data, Statistical Modeling, and Visualization                  53

Chapter 3     Descriptive Analytics II: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing                              127

Chapter 4     Predictive Analytics I: Data Mining Process, Methods, and Algorithms                              189

Chapter 5     Predictive Analytics II: Text, Web, and Social Media Analytics                                         247

Chapter 6     Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization and Simulation                                                        319

Chapter 7     Big Data Concepts and Tools                                                                                        369

Chapter 8     Future Trends, Privacy and Managerial Considerations in Analytics                                   417

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