Business Law in Canada, Twelfth Canadian Edition, 12th edition

  • Richard A. Yates
  • Teresa Bereznicki-Korol
  • Trevor Clarke
  • Dean A. Palmer

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Table of contents

PART 1 Introduction

Chapter 1 Managing Your Legal Affairs 

Chapter 2 Introduction to the Legal System 

Chapter 3 The Resolution of Disputes: The Courts and Alternatives to Litigation 

PART 2 Torts  

Chapter 4 Intentional Torts and Torts Impacting Business 

Chapter 5 Negligence, Professional Liability, and Insurance 

PART 3 Contracts  

Chapter 6 The Elements of a Contract: Consensus and Consideration 

Chapter 7 The Elements of a Contract: Capacity, Legality, and Intention 

Chapter 8 Factors Affecting the Contractual Relationship 

Chapter 9 The End of the Contractual Relationship 

PART 4 Methods of Carrying on Business  

Chapter 10 Agency and Partnership 

Chapter 11 Corporations 

Chapter 12 Employment 

PART 5 Property and Information Technology

Chapter 13 Intellectual Property 

Chapter 14 Real and Personal Property and Protection of the Environment 

PART 6 Commercial Transactions  

Chapter 15 Priority of Creditors 

Chapter 16 Sales and Consumer Protection

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