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Business Mathematics, 13th edition

  • Gary Clendenen
  • Stanley A. Salzman

Published by Pearson (February 20th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

13th edition

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For courses in business math or the mathematics of business


Business Mathematics by Clendenen/Salzman teaches students the mathematical skills they need to be successful in business, emphasizing mastery of business concepts and scenarios that require a mathematical solution. With a strong focus on current issues, real companies, and pragmatic business scenarios, the authors cover the full spectrum of basic business math, placing every concept in context with relevant examples. With time-proven pedagogy, relevant business applications and case studies, and a strong MyMathLab course, this program teaches students mathematical skills and concepts within the context of business applications.


This text provides a better teaching and learning experience, for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • Improve Results: MyMathLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed and provides engaging experiences that personalize learning.
  • Grounded in the business world and actual companies:This text presents insights that reflect business realities that students will actually encounter in the business world.
  • Extensive usage of data and graphics: Helps students visualize, analyze, and discuss the information they are working with.
  • Excellent exercises: Gives students a variety of practice to help them understand and master the material.

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Table of contents


The Business Mathematics, 13th Edition, Learning System

Learning Tips for Students

Business Mathematics Pretest

Index of Applications


1. Whole Numbers and Decimals

1.1 Whole Numbers

1.2 Application Problems

1.3 Decimal Numbers

1.4 Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

1.5 Multiplication and Division of Decimals

            Chapter 1 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Cost of Getting Married

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Subway

            Chapter 1 Test


2. Fractions

2.1 Fractions

2.2 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

2.3 Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

2.4 Multiplication and Division of Fractions

2.5 Converting Decimals to Fractions and Fractions to Decimals

            Chapter 2 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Stdy: Operating Expenses at Woodline Moldings and Trim

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Home Depot

            Chapter 2 Test


3. Percents

3.1 Writing Decimals and Fractions as Percents

3.2 Finding Part

3.3 Finding Base

            Supplementary Application Exercises on Base and Part

3.4 Finding Rate

            Supplementary Application Exercises on Base, Rate, and Part

3.5 Increase and Decrease Problems

            Chapter 3 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Self Employed Retirement Plan

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Century 21

            Chapter 3 Test


4. Equations and Formulas

4.1 Solving Equations

4.2 Applications of Equations

4.3 Business Formulas

4.4 Ratio and Proportion

            Chapter 4 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Forecasting Sales at Alcorns Boutique

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: General Motors

            Chapter 4 Test

            Chapters 14 Cumulative Review


5. Bank Services

5.1 Electronic Banking, Checking Accounts, and Check Registers

5.2 Checking Services and Credit-Card Transactions

5.3 Bank Statement Reconciliation

            Chapter 5 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Banking Activities of a Retailer

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Jackson & Perkins

            Chapter 5 Test


6. Payroll

6.1 Gross Earnings: Wages and Salaries

6.2 Gross Earnings: Piecework and Commissions

6.3 Social Security, Medicare, and Other Taxes

6.4 Income Tax Withholding

            Chapter 6 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Payroll: Finding Your Take-Home Pay

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Payroll at Starbucks

            Chapter 6 Test


7. Mathematics of Buying

7.1 Invoices and Trade Discounts

7.2 Series Discounts and Single Discount Equivalents

7.3 Cash Discounts: Ordinary Dating Methods

7.4 Cash Discounts: Other Dating Methods

            Chapter 7 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: George Foreman

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Discounts at Bed Bath & Beyond

            Chapter 7 Test


8. Mathematics of Selling

8.1 Markup on Cost

8.2 Markup on Selling Price

            Supplementary Application Exercises on Markup

8.3 Markdown

8.4 Turnover and Valuation of Inventory

            Chapter 8 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Markdown: Reducing Prices to Move


            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

            Chapter 8 Test

            Chapters 5–8 Cumulative Review


9. Simple Interest

9.1 Basics of Simple Interest

9.2 Finding Principal, Rate, and Time

9.3 Simple Discount Notes

9.4 Discounting a Note Before Maturity

            Supplementary Application Exercises on Simple Interest and Simple Discount

            Chapter 9 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Banking in a Global World: How Do Large Banks Make Money?

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Apple, Inc.

            Chapter 9 Test


10. Compound Interest and Inflation

10.1 Compound Interest

10.2 Interest-Bearing Bank Accounts and Inflation

10.3 Present Value and Future Value

            Chapter 10 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Valuing a Chain of McDonalds Restaurants

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Bank of America

            Chapter 10 Test

            Chapters 9–10 Cumulative Review


11. Annuities, Stocks, and Bonds

11.1 Annuities and Retirement Accounts

11.2 Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity

11.3 Sinking Funds (Finding Annuity Payments)

            Supplementary Application Exercises on Annuities and Sinking Funds

11.4 Stocks and Mutual Funds

11.5 Bonds

            Chapter 11 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Financial Planning

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: American River College

            Chapter 11 Test


12. Business and Consumer Loans

12.1 Open-End Credit and Charge Cards

12.2 Installment Loans

12.3 Early Payoffs of Loans

12.4 Personal Property Loans

12.5 Real Estate Loans

            Chapter 12 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Consolidating Loans

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Underwater on a Home

            Chapter 12 Test

            Chapters 11–12 Cumulative Review


13. Taxes and Insurance

13.1 Property Tax

13.2 Personal Income Tax

13.3 Fire Insurance

13.4 Motor-Vehicle Insurance

13.5 Life Insurance

            Chapter 13 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Financial Planning For Property Taxes and Insurance

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Mattel Inc.—Taxes and Insurance

            Chapter 13 Test


14. Depreciation

14.1 Straight-Line Method

14.2 Declining-Balance Method

14.3 Sum-of-the-Year’s-Digits Method

            Supplementary Application Exercises on Depreciation

14.4 Units-of-Production Method

14.5 Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System

            Chapter 14 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Comparing Depreciation Methods

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Ford Motor


            Chapter 14 Test


15. Financial Statements and Ratios

15.1 The Income Statement

15.2 Analyzing the Income Statement

15.3 The Balance Sheet

15.4 Analyzing the Balance Sheet

            Chapter 15 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Bicycle Shop

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Apple, Inc.

            Chapter 15 Test


16. Business Statistics

16.1 Frequency Distributions and Graphs

16.2 Mean, Median, and Mode

            Chapter 16 Quick Review

            Chapter Terms

            Case Study: Watching a Small Business Grow

            Case in Point Summary Exercise: Bobby Flay

            Chapter 16 Test


Appendix A. The Metric System

Appendix B. Basic Calculators

Appendix C. Financial Calculators

Appendix D. Exponents and Order of Operations

Appendix E: Graphing Equations


Answers to Selected Exercises



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