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Business Mathematics, 9th edition

  • Nelda R. Roueche
  • Virginia Graves
  • Michael D. Tuttle

Published by Pearson (July 28th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

9th edition

Business Mathematics

ISBN-13: 9780131140141

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This algebra-based introduction to business math book takes care to present each topic in a clear and logical manner—with detailed explanations of all steps and concise discussions describing the business applications of each topic. This dual approach sharpens the mathematical skills of learners preparing to enter business employment while also providing an introduction to accounting, finance, insurance, statistics, taxation, and other math-related subjects. KEY TOPICS: Consumer math applications, such as bank reconciliation, discounting, markups and markdowns, installment purchases, and simple and compound interest are also covered in depth. MARKET: For individuals preparing for a career in business.

Table of contents


1. Review of Operations.

Arithmetic Techniques. Using a Calculator.
2. Using Equations.

Basic Equations. Written Problems. Ratio and Proportion.
3. Review of Percent.

Basic Percent. Percent Equation Forms. Word Problems Using Percents.


4. Basic Statistics and Graphs.

Averages. Averages (Grouped Data). Standard Deviation. Index Numbers. Graphs.
5. Taxes.

Sales Tax. Property Tax.
6. Insurance.

Business Insurance. Motor Vehicle Insurance. Life Insurance.
7. Checkbook and Cash Records.

Checkbook Records. Cash Records.
8. Wages and Payrolls.

Computing Wages—Salary. Computing Wages—Commission. Computing Wages—Hourly Rate Basis. Computing Wages—Production Basis. Net Weekly Payrolls. Quarterly Earnings Report and Returns.
9. Depreciation and Overhead.

Depreciation. Partial-Year Depreciation. Overhead.
10. Financial Statements and Ratios.

Income Statement. Balance Sheet. Inventory Turnover. Inventory Valuation.
11. Distribution of Profit and Loss.

Distribution of Profits in a Corporation. Distribution of Profits in a Partnership.


12. Commercial Discounts.

Trade Discounts. Cash Discounts.
13. Markup.

Markup Based on Cost. Markup Based on Selling Price. Marking Perishables.
14. Markdown.

Actual Selling Price. Markdown versus Loss.


15. Simple Interest.

Basic Simple Interest. Ordinary Time and Exact Time. Ordinary Interest and Exact Interest. Simple Interest Notes. Present Value.
16. Bank Discount.

Simple Discount Notes. Maturity Values (and Rediscounting Notes). Discounting Notes to Take Advantage of Cash Discount. Summary of Simple Interest and Simple Discount.
17. Multiple Payment Plans.

United States Rule. Installment Plans: Open End. Installment Plans: Set Payments. Installment Plan Prepayments.
18. Compound Interest.

Compound Interest (by Computation). Compound Amount (Using Tables). Interest Compounded Daily. Present Value (at Compound Interest).

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