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C++: Classes and Data Structures, 1st edition

  • Jeffrey Childs
C++: Classes and Data Structures

ISBN-13:  9780131580510

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Most books on data structures are filled with so many technical details (and lack thorough explanations) that the reading becomes difficult. This accessible, conversational presentation explores data structures concepts in clear language. KEY TOPICS: Assumes a basic knowledge of C++. Focuses on the client for all programs, classes, and data structures. Offers meaningful, relevant examples and worked examples throughout. Includes thoroughly tested code. Provides code for all examples. MARKET: A useful reference for anyone interested in learning more about programming.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Structs and Classes
  • Chapter 2 Overloaded Operators, Class Templates, and Abstraction
  • Chapter 3 More about Classes
  • Chapter 4 Pointers and Dynamic Arrays
  • Chapter 5 An Array Class
  • Chapter 6 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Chapter 7 Methods for Making Data Structures
  • Chapter 8 Stacks and Queues
  • Chapter 9 Introduction to Time Complexities
  • Chapter 10 The Linked List as a Data Structure
  • Chapter 11 Hash Tables
  • Chapter 12 Priority Queues, Trees, and Heaps
  • Chapter 13 Recursion
  • Chapter 14 Introduction to Sorting Algorithms
  • Chapter 15 Other Data Structures
  • Appendix A How to Compile and Work with Multiple-File Programs
  • Index


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