C for Scientists and Engineers, 1st edition

  • Richard Johnsonbaugh
  • Martin Kalin

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This book, based on the best-seller APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMING IN ANSI C, includes one of the clearest introductions to C programming available, and assumes no prior programming knowledge. Their new book reflects the clear presentation and excellent examples and programming exercises for which the authors have become well known. KEY TOPICS: Includes nearly 300 numbered examples which show the purpose of various C features and explains how to use C in a wide range of environments. Common programming error sections highlight easily misunderstood aspects of the C language. MARKET: Of interest to engineers and scientists.

Table of contents

 1. Computer Systems and Program Development.

 2. Introduction to C.

 3. Variables, Operators, and Control Flow.

 4. More Operators and Control Flow.

 5. Functions and Program Structure.

 6. Arrays.

 7. Pointers.

 8. Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers.

 9. Input and Output.

10. Structures, Unions, and Enumerated Types.

11. Advanced Topics.

Appendix A. ASCII and EBCDIC Tables.

Appendix B. Summary of the C Language.

Appendix C. Syntax Diagrams of C.

Appendix D. Some C Functions.

Appendix E. C and UNIX.

Appendix F. VAX-11 C, Borland C++, and Microsoft C++.

Hints and Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises.


Published by Pearson (October 2nd 1996) - Copyright © 1997