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Calculus for the Life Sciences, 1st edition

  • Marvin L. Bittinger
  • Neal Brand
  • John Quintanilla

Published by Pearson (October 18th 2005) - Copyright © 2006

1st edition

Calculus for the Life Sciences

ISBN-13: 9780321279354

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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Based on the best-selling Calculus and Its Applications by Marv Bittinger, this new text is appropriate for a two-semester calculus course for life science majors. With four new chapters and two new co-authors, Calculus for the Life Sciences continues the Bittinger reputation as one of the most student-oriented and clearly written Applied Calculus texts available. The exercises and examples have been substantially updated to include additional relevant life science applications and current topics.

Table of contents

Chapter 1    Functions and Graphs

                    1.1    Slope and Linear Functions

                    1.2    Polynomial Functions

                    1.3    Rational and Radical Functions

                    1.4    Trigonometric Functions

                    1.5    Trigonometric Functions and the Unit Circle

                    Summary and Review


                    EXTENDED LIFE SCIENCE CONNECTION:  Carbon Dioxide Concentrations


Chapter 2    Differentiation

                    2.1    Limits and Continuity:  Numerically and Graphically

                    2.2    Limits: Algebraically

                    2.3    Average Rates of Change

                    2.4    Differentiation Using Limits of Difference Quotients

                    2.5    Differentiation Techniques: Introduction

                    2.6    Instantaneous Rates of Change

                    2.7    Differentiation Techniques:  The Product and Quotient Rules

                    2.8    The Chain Rule

                    2.9    Higher-Order Derivatives

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