Canadian Ethnography Series, Volume 3: Ta'n teli-ktlamsi Tasit (Ways of Believing): Mi'kmaw Religion in Eskasoni, Nova Scotia, 1st edition

  • Angela Robinson
  • Bryan D. Cummins
  • John L. Steckley

Canadian Ethnography Series, Volume 3: Ta'n teli-ktlamsi Tasit (Ways of Believing): Mi'kmaw Religion in Eskasoni, Nova Scotia

ISBN-13:  9780131770676


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Volume 3 of the Canadian Ethnography series emphasizes the role of religion as it pertains to constructing Mi’kmaw identity, primarily because religious and spiritual views help shape subjectivity and the social environment. Within Mi’kmaw society and culture, specific religious orientations and respective ideologies and expressions both shape and are shaped by personal and social identities. The reciprocal nature of this relationship between religious affiliation(s) and individual and collective identities is evident in the varied perceptions of culture, spirituality and religion found within the Mi’kmaw society.

Table of contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Identifies and distinguishes among the three religious groups among the Mi’kmaq: Traditionalists, Catholics, and Catholic-Traditionalists.

Chapter Two: The Mi’kmaq: An Ethnohistorical Overview

Illustrates various ways in which the Mi’kmaq have been, and continue to be, culturally, religiously, economically and socially marginalized.

Chapter Three: “Ta’n Ninen Telo’ltiek” (“The Way We Are”): Mi’kmaw Lifeworlds

Offers a number of perspectives on the Mi’kmaw ethos as it is understood by devotees of Catholicism, Catholic-Traditionalism and non-Catholic religious orientations.

Chapter Four: Alasutmuo’kuomk (“At The Wigwam Where We Pray”): The Church

Centers on Mi’kmaw perceptions of the Catholic Church and the role of the Church within Mi’kmaw society.

Chapter Five: Se’tta’newimk: The Mi’kmaw Annual Pilgrimage to Potlotek

Illustrates the significance of St. Anne, Se’tta’newimk (St. Anne’s Mission) and Potlotek for the Mi’kmaw people.

Chapter Six: “We Are Born To Die”: Death, Illness And Grieving In Eskasoni

Explores approaches to death and dying in Eskasoni and other Mi’kmaw communities with specific emphasis on the salite funeral feast as central features of local Mi’kmaw funerary practice.

Chapter Seven: Mi’kmaw Religion and Identity

Discusses Neo-Traditionalism as a religious choice and the diverse responses to that choice within the Mi’kmaw community.

Chapter Eight: Conclusions

Outlines the main arguments and thesis of the book.

Glossary - Mi’kmaw terms and English glossary



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