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  5. Canadian Labour and Employment Relations, Sixth Edition

Canadian Labour and Employment Relations, Sixth Edition, 6th edition

  • Daphne G. Taras
  • Morley Gunderson
Canadian Labour and Employment Relations, Sixth Edition

ISBN-13:  9780321504135


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This new edition maintains the rigour and sophistication of the previous editions while making the material more accessible to students. The text focuses on the practice of industrial relations and considers current issues and approaches. The various contributors bring a breadth of knowledge and experience, providing a balanced treatment of topics and of differing practices across the country.


Four themes (greater applications, greater understanding of management, union and nonunion differences, and sensitivity to international comparisons) are incorporated throughout the book.

Table of contents



Chapter 1

Morley Gunderson & Daphne Taras

Introduction to Canadian Industrial Relations

Chapter 2

Ann Frost & Daphne Taras

Understanding the Unionization Decision

Chapter 3

Richard Marsden

Labour History and the Development of Modern Capitalism

Chapter 4

Gregor Murray

Unions: Membership, Structures, Actions and Challenges

Chapter 5

Mark Thompson

Management of Industrial Relations

Chapter 6

Anil Verma & Daphne Taras

Managing the High-Involvement Workplace

Chapter 7

Frank Reid & Raphael Gomez

Social, Political & Economic Environments

Chapter 8

Sara Slinn

Collective Bargaining Legislation in Canada

Chapter 9

Geoffrey England

Individual Employment Contract and Employment Legislation in Canada


Richard Chaykowski

Collective Bargaining: Structure, Process and Innovation


Anthony Giles & Akivah Starkman

Collective Agreement


Morley Gunderson, Bob Hebdon, Douglas Hyatt

Strikes and Dispute Resolution


Kenneth  Wm. Thornicroft

The Grievance Arbitration Process and Workplace Conflict Resolution


Morley Gunderson & Douglas  Hyatt

Union Impact on Compensation, Productivity and Management of the Organization


Mark Thompson and Patrice Jalette

Public-Sector Collective Bargaining


Esther Deom & Jean-Noel Grenier with Marie-Pierre Beaumont

Union-Management Relations in Quebec


Carla Lipsig-Mumme

Trade Unions and Labour-Relations Regimes: International Perspectives in a Globalising World


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